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Can penguins support our primary school students through this pandemic?

Changing restrictions surrounding the global pandemic have kept society in an on-going state of upheaval and uncertainty, not least in the provision of schooling. The summer holidays provided little respite for families and teachers this time around, with the promise of freedom marred by travel complexity, vaccination uncertainty for primary school children, testing issues and the proliferation of the omicron variant across our states. Read more

Supporting children and young people in times of transition

With the school year commencing and the adaption of our thinking and behaviours amid the Omircon virus in Australia, children and young people are learning more about themselves everyday when it comes to adapting in the face of changing conditions. Read more

Teachers are human too: counter-stress environments make a difference

Written by Ben Sacco, The MacKillop Institute National Lead – Program Development & Implementation. 

Ben Sacco, National Lead – Program Development and Implementation, talks about stress and burnout and strategies for reducing the negative impacts to the mental health and wellbeing of teachers. Read more

Schools and families managing stress during uncertain times: SchoolTV

Due to the pandemic, the world we now live in is a very different place. Our connectivity to the digital world means that we are constantly being reminded of the challenges we face via numerous media channels, exposing us to a barrage of messages that can leave us feeling overwhelmed. Read more