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Why we should take care of our teachers

With teachers supporting young people every day and with greater responsibilities being placed on schools’ to ensure the wellbeing of its students, The MacKillop Institute has created a trauma-informed model to support schools and teachers to improve learning and wellbeing outcomes. Read more

Student wellbeing pilot takes off

A South Australian school is expanding a research program seeking to reduce stress and anxiety among its students, where perfectionism, body image concerns, learning and workload challenges, separation anxiety and depression may take hold at any age. Read more


How BenQ’s Interactive Displays can minimise the spread of germs in classrooms

New interactive learning techniques are rapidly becoming the norm in the effort to boost student performance. But many of the behaviors that are required for group interactive learning can unknowingly spread dangerous pathogens to other students, their families, and others. This is a relatively new issue in education since the traditional model of using a projector as the primary display limited the physical touching of common objects in the classroom. Read more

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