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Curriculum-based active education program

Mega Adventure Aerial Park in South Australia has launched an outdoor educational program that aims to highlight the mental and physical benefits of being outside to students.

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Helping principals flourish

The Flourish Project is a collaboration between Dr Adam Fraser Consulting, Deakin University Business School and The Shoalhaven Primary Principal’s Council, designed to improve the performance and wellbeing of school principals. Dr Fraser tells Education Matters of the project’s genesis, achievements and why he thinks it can help principals thrive professionally, physically and mentally.

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The impacts of bullying in Year 7

Students who bully or are victims of bullying in Year 7 are at a higher risk of playing the same roles between Years 8 and 11, according to a new study conducted by Flinders University in Adelaide.

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Massive NSW survey finds most teachers suffer workload stress

An overwhelming 90 per cent of New South Wales teachers say that changes in government policy as well as data collection and administrative responsibilities have significantly added to their workload over the past five years and impacted their time to focus on students.

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Practices for teacher and student wellbeing

Geelong Grammar School’s Institute of Positive Education places wellbeing at the heart of education. As educators, we know that supporting student wellbeing is integral to the work we do. Increasingly, schools are prioritising wellbeing as a response to the prevalence of mental illness in youth and the link between wellbeing and positive learning outcomes. Read more

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