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Schools and families managing stress during uncertain times: SchoolTV

Due to the pandemic, the world we now live in is a very different place. Our connectivity to the digital world means that we are constantly being reminded of the challenges we face via numerous media channels, exposing us to a barrage of messages that can leave us feeling overwhelmed. Read more

Less disruptions for schools with COVID-19 restriction changes

Less COVID-19 school disruptions

The NSW Government has announced school closures due to positive COVID-19 cases will now be minimised as close contacts, and will no longer need to isolate.

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The mental health and wellbeing of our kids is everyone’s priority: SchoolTV

School closures across the country due to pandemic restrictions are continuing to impact teachers, students and families creating a feeling of disconnect across many communities. The wellbeing of all students remains a key priority, SchoolTV continues to help schools with supporting parents to raise happy, resilient young people through these times of uncertainty. Read more