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Deakin University

Insights on the wellbeing of school leaders throughout COVID-19

Research from Deakin’s Educator Health and Wellbeing Team has uncovered that while the COVID-19 pandemic has been a mixed bag for educators, our school leaders’ faith in their roles remains largely positive. Post-Doctoral Research Fellows Ben Arnold, Mark Rahimi and Marcus Horwood (of the Health and Wellbeing Team) recount.  Read more

Seasons for Growth

Helping students overcome change and uncertainty

The cumulative impacts of drought, floods and bushfires, compounded by recurrent COVID-19 lockdowns have significantly impacted many communities.  These successive disasters have taken a toll on the whole school community, including school teachers and leaders who are the backbone of the school and providing the safe community hub. Read more

ReLATE model

Teachers are a lighthouse for all students, but how do teachers keep their light burning?

Written by Ben Sacco, The MacKillop Institute National Lead – Program Development & Implementation

As a teacher reading this, you should be so proud of your commitment to improving the lives of your students. In your daily practice, you help your students make sense of the world around them, and create opportunities for your students to be literate, numerate, curious and healthy in mind, body and spirit. It’s no easy feat, and it’s become harder. Read more

Why we should take care of our teachers

With teachers supporting young people every day and with greater responsibilities being placed on schools’ to ensure the wellbeing of its students, The MacKillop Institute has created a trauma-informed model to support schools and teachers to improve learning and wellbeing outcomes. Read more

Student wellbeing pilot takes off

A South Australian school is expanding a research program seeking to reduce stress and anxiety among its students, where perfectionism, body image concerns, learning and workload challenges, separation anxiety and depression may take hold at any age. Read more