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Interactive healthy living

Aimed at inspiring the next generation to love their fruit and vegetables, Woolworths has launched free Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours within its stores for early learning centre and primary school students.

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Starting small to effect change

Bullying expert, Associate Professor Barbara Spears, discusses the challenges of addressing bullying in schools and the role of the wider community in influencing behavioural change.

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Positive impacts of principal health strategy

An independent report has found Victoria’s Principal Health and Wellbeing Strategy is delivering positive results. Over four years, $51 million has been invested to extend and expand initiatives into ongoing services for principals.

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Mental health and wellbeing matters

Peter Goss, School Education Program Director at the Grattan Institute, sheds light on how poor mental health and low wellbeing harms student learning outcomes.

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Quit Victoria schools program

Quit Victoria has launched its annual youth tobacco education initiative, The Critics’ Choice, and is calling on schools across Australia to get involved.

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Bullying: Is early education the key?

Child development expert, Dr Lesley-anne Ey, discusses the importance of educating children from an early age about the differences between bullying and conflict, and the effects bullying can have on their peers.

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