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Pyramid of passion

Positive Education is the science of education that seeks to harness cutting-edge research from social, cognitive, neuro and life sciences; and combine it with world-leading pedagogical and educational practices. David Bott discusses how it is benefitting students all over the world.

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student potential

Supporting the mental health of teachers

With a growing number of teachers seeking support for workplace anxiety and stress, mental health experts are encouraging schools, parents and students to consider the impact of their actions on educators.

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At breaking point?

With one in three school leaders generating a red flag when it comes to their mental health, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, Philip Riley, from the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education at Australian Catholic University, discusses how principals can identify if they fall into the high-risk category.

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Active modalities to support mental health

Combining cognitive behavioural therapy with therapeutic physical activities and exercises, the MAT Life Skills Program aims to engage students and create a space where they can learn about self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness and respectful relationships.

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Managing students’ mental health

As Year 12 students around the nation begin preparations for their final school exams, stress levels can be high, but as relationship service provider Interrelate explains, there are a variety of techniques teachers can use to help assist with the mental health of their students.

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