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Partnering to learn; building capacity for excellence

Founded on principles of partnering, co-learning and capacity building, the EdPartnerships International team is committed to working and learning alongside educators in ways that respect learners and local contexts. Read more

Building the capability of education support staff in schools

How prepared are education support staff for their role at your school?  Australian Teacher Aide, a national professional learning organisation, examines the research on the preparedness of education support staff, and highlights how three Australian schools are building the capability of their support teams. Read more

The big schooling issues for the roaring 20s: Professor John Fischetti

The new ‘roaring 20s’ are here – the 2020s that is. Professor John Fischetti from the University of Newcastle talks about some of the big issues facing schooling this year – and this decade – in Australian schools.

This article was produced for Education Matters earlier this year before the COVID-19 lockdown. Read more

Re-engaging disengaged students-alternative schools approach

An alternative education approach

According to Tony Cook PSM, Director-General of the Queensland Department of Education, ensuring every child lives a life of choice, not chance, is key to the state’s delivery of a high-performing and equitable education system.

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