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It’s all about our staff


How do you help your staff harness their commitment and motivation in order to become more engaged?

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Initial Teacher Education: Data Report 2014


To maximise the impact of teaching upon student learning, we need to have more teachers in the profession who are able to teach like the best, writes Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) General Manager, Edmund Misson. Achieving this boost in professional capability will require an increasing emphasis on the education of Australia’s future teachers.

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Shalom College – The Edval Experience

Shalom College is a leading Catholic school in Bundaberg, Queensland, with over 1200 students. After meeting at a conference, the principal elected to consider Edval’s technology for the school’s timetabling. The original plan was to run Edval against Shalom’s existing timetable software, to compare between the two packages.

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What is ‘The Other Talk’?

At some point most young people will sit down with their parents to have ‘the talk’. It’s not always easy, but learning about sex is an important conversation that every parent and child should have. Now it’s time to have The Other Talk.

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