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Leading the way in sewing technology

Today, Bernina International AG is one of the world’s leading producers of sewing and embroidery machines. For more than 75 years we have been leading the way in technology and creativity with reliability and passion. Bernina has always regarded itself as more than just a sewing machine manufacturer and proves this today with its range of sewing and embroidery computers.

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Are we facing a glut of teachers

The evidence is that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for teachers, particularly primary teacher graduates, to find permanent jobs.

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Top UK Experts Insights at National Conference on Volunteering

Top UK experts are set to provide some thought provoking insights at the 15th National Conference on Volunteering. Taking place in Adelaide from 4-6th of September. Focussing on themes of Lead, Partner, Build and Sustain the talks will aim to provide insights and ideas through programs and advocacy, collaboration, innovation and leadership.

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Too busy to consider a Masters? Think again

Education professionals who want to enhance their competitiveness or change their careers can now do so at one of the nation’s leading education faculties, but with the added benefit of greatly improved flexibility.

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Teacher roles out

The work of teachers remains essential in helping young people learn their way into the future, writes Phil Smith.

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