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Enhancing the skills of tomorrow’s musicians

Music. Augmented Reality. Cryptology. Whales. Gaming. What’s the commonality between these themes? A usual response to Kate Hargreaves after she explains how these topics are utilised in The MusicEDU Suite for classroom music is, “I wish I had this in high school”. Read more

The great 2020 school transport challenge

Dominic Luddy, GHD Team Leader for Engagement, Communication and Communities, explains how in January 2020 his team were planning its STEAM design challenges, planting excursions and site visits for local school groups when COVID-19 struck. Read more

mathematics decluttering

Mathematics minus numeracy: A first step toward decluttering

Dr Calvin Irons BA. MA. PhD. (Mathematics and Mathematics Education)

The process has begun – finally. We hope that the work to review the mathematics (and digital technologies) curriculum over the next 12 months does indeed result in clarity about what is to be taught. The seemingly poor performance by our students in mathematics should not be blamed on them or their teachers. The jargon and lists of poorly connected ideas in the current mathematics curriculum does indeed make it challenging to comprehend. Read more