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Engaging school students in Science

Are teachers adequately prepared to teach students how to reason and generate ideas in the field of science? Deakin University’s Russell Tytler explores the gaps in the curriculum. Read more

The power of individualised learning

Traditional Mathematics education doesn’t always take into account each student’s individual ability, but a new learning model is proving there is another way. Read more

PISA, NAPLAN reports add to worry over Australian education

Released in the first week of December, the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) report has highlighted issues in education outcomes for Australian students (tested at Year 9), adding to the weight of other benchmarking reports released recently. Read more

Primary schools, the health and physical education learning area and ACHPER

With the innate enjoyment that children have for movement and play-based learning, it is essential that HPE be supported through every primary school environment to ensure that every student has the skills, knowledge and understandings to be engaged, confident and capable learners, writes Alison Turner, ACHPER National Executive Director. Read more