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FEATURES |  Education Matters Primary & Secondary

Each issue of the Education Matters Primary & Secondary magazine is split into two sections dedicated to primary and secondary schools with a combined easy to use directory leading readers to your advertising throughout the publication. This comprehensive directory allows for multiple listings and the opportunity for you to reach both audiences.

Education Matters Primary & Secondary features editorial on hot topics including, teacher development, child development and health, 21st century learning, cyber safety, and green schools and sustainability.

Each issue also contains content and a buyer’s guide highlighting issues across the whole school environment including:

  • IT/Interactive learning
  • Extra-curricular learning
  • Sports development
  • Libraries
  • Music and drama
  • PE/Outdoor Ed/Excursions
  • Science
  • Audio Visual
  • Art Supplies and stationery
  • Infrastructure
  • Tech studies and home economics
  • Campaigns and events
  • Schools going green
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DISTRIBUTION |  Education Matters Primary & Secondary



Over 9,500 copies of the Education Matters Primary & Secondary magazine are distributed to school principals, teachers, bursars and administration staff at private and state levels at both primary and secondary schools across Australia annually. Typically this publication is distributed annually in October in preparation for the new year.

Additional copies are distributed at key industry events, conferences and expos throughout the year with an eMagazine also published each issue available for viewing online and distributed via email to association members.



Digital now plays a vital role in allowing us to provide accurate and concise information to the educators, and the support staff of Schools and education facilities all around Australia. Our journalists and editors are very passionate about the Australian education system and the digital medium give us the opportunity to reach those who are educating our future quickly and effectively. We provide regulary updated articles through our Resources Page and provide suppliers to the industry to showcase their great products through the Buyers Guide section.

In addition we send out fortnightly newsletter to our subscribers which summarises the key topics and news events for that period.

Digital is a growing sector and it is no different for us. Our visits keep building, our subscribers keep signing up and we continue to develop and improve the way we deliver our message to the 300,000+ educators around Australia.




Australian Primary Schools Distribution = 6,691

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Australian Secondary Schools Distribution = 1,056

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Australian K – 12 Combined Schools Distribution = 1,235

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Total Australian Education Magazine Distribution = 9,522

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