Charity seeks teachers' help to educate Cambodian children

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Charity seeking Australian educators to help Cambodian students

Your Aid, We Deliver

An Australian-based not-for-profit, Your Aid, We Deliver aims to privide clean water, education, dental and medical services to communities in rural Cambodia.

Constantly seeking donations in the form of teaching resources and even the time of qualified teachers, Your Aid, We Deliver is currently promoting its new drive. Teachers, teaching students and student teachers are asked to consider applying for one of many positions teaching over 2,500 students English and computer skills.

Your Aid, We Deliver is fully funded through The Buddhist Library, meaning all donations and funds go directly to its projects, rather than needing to spend money on administration.

“We also have a mobile library and a Tuk Tuk library to provide education books to children in very remote areas,” said Paget Sayers, Founder of The Buddhist Library and Your Aid, We Deliver.

“The experience ​​our ​volunteers ​ha​ve​ ​in these communities and schools is incredibly enriching​​,​ invaluable​ and ​is great practical experience to develop their skills and gain global experience​,” he said. “The volunteers have a ​profound and ​long term positive impact on these communities by improving ​the opportunities for these children and giving them a chance to learn, grow and be literate.”

Your Aid, We Deliver doesn’t charge volunteers to assist them, and a contribution may be as small as the donation of an old textbook.

Visit the volunteer page on the group’s website for more details.


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