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Class Creator is empowering educators to create balanced classes

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Designed, developed and supported by educators, Class Creator understands each school is unique. That’s why its software is flexible to cater to the specific needs of every school.

For many educators, building class lists is the foundation that every school year is built on. Making great classes is one of the most complex processes in a school, with so many data points, requirements, requests, and restrictions – it can quickly turn into a nightmare if not managed well.

In 2014, an innovative Melbourne-based teaching couple who understood firsthand how complex using placement cards, sticky notes and colour-coded spreadsheets was for building classes, decided enough was enough – there had to be a better way! This led to the development of the Class Creator software. Fast forward nearly a decade, and today it has coordinated over four million student placements, saving schools thousands of hours of planning time.

Class Creator diagram
Time saved among teachers, leadership and schools using Class Creator.

Class Creator empowers educators with all the tools they need to make the best classes for their students, teachers and school community. The brilliant thing about using Class Creator is that creating balanced classes no longer needs to be a painstaking, time consuming task at the end of the school year. The software takes the hassle out of making classes by ensuring all the data is organised and displayed clearly, providing educators with all the tools they need to make great class lists.

Through Class Creator, student data is organised and readily accessible at an educator’s fingertips. With the click of a button, educators can edit classes whilst receiving feedback in real-time, add or remove students at any stage and importantly, save all student history in one place.

The software has been designed to be super user-friendly, so it doesn’t require staff meetings for training. If educators can use an Excel spreadsheet or fill in a Google Form, they will find Class Creator a breeze.

Class Creator General Manager Joel Westley states his top tip for making great classes is to start planning early – don’t leave it until November! Educators can record comments on student behaviour, academic progress and friendships throughout the year, so no vital information will be omitted from consideration when class lists are formed.

The average teacher can save nearly two hours each year by using Class Creator over traditional manual methods, equating to on average over 52 man-hours per school. This leaves educators with more time to do what they do best – educate the next generation.

Interested to learn more?

Register now via for a complimentary live demo hosted by Joel Westley, General Manager of Class Creator on 12 October 2023 at 12:30pm AEDT to learn how to take the hassle out of making your 2024 classes.

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