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The secret to student success: collaboration

With students finally able to physically collaborate and work together again, Nüdel Kart offers the perfect environment to bring back hands-on, open ended STEM based learning with a strong focus on those hard-to-teach curriculum capabilities, like social skills and critical and creative thinking.

Nüdel Kart creates exactly these environments but its ‘special sauce’ is based on the theory of loose parts and research from the University of Sydney’s play project. It’s 12 years of research found that you don’t get deep capability learning and 21st-century skill development like social skills and collaboration if you don’t have certain physical elements in the space that are….wait for it……….big and heavy. It might seem simplistic, but think about it, if you want deep and genuine collaboration and socialisation, you need environments that both invite and indeed require, collaboration and social skills for those environments to work. That’s why large, heavy objects are so important because you need to work with your peers to use them. You need a kart that has a series of very heavy, large parts in addition to its hundreds of small parts which form the backbone of the prototypes and creations that children build. Without these children would simply engage in side-by-side or completely disconnected learning from their peers and the social skills and collaboration would be lost.

Furthermore, another critical skill learnt in these environments is creativity. This is another tricky capability skill that we know is critically important for a child’s development but regularly not given the time in school environments because it’s perceived as hard to teach and also hard to assess. Nüdel Kart makes these social and creativity skills integrate within the standard curriculum in an easy package for teachers to use.

So, if social skills, critical and creative thinking capabilities are on your bucket list for next year then you can’t go past the Nüdel Kart for creating a highly stimulating environment to develop your students with these skills.

Starting from only $1499, Nüdel offers the Nüdel Rover, our small group mobile karts for up to 10 children all the way to our ‘Rolls-Royce model’ Nüdel Kart for a full classroom of 30 children with everything included. All our karts are all abilities and proven to engage 3-12 year olds for between 1 to 3 hours. Nüdel offers you the world’s most versatile tool that can be used indoors and outdoors, in the curriculum and in the playground.

Get in touch and let’s have a chat at or call Marcus on 0432738719.


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