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Communicating with clarity

At a time when remote learning and working from home is the new normal across Australian classrooms, Jands is making sure teachers sound professional and are heard clearly when teaching with its easy-to-use technology.

Originally designed to record music, Jands’ MV5C Home Office Microphone has found a new purpose – assisting Australian teachers.

Content Marketing Coordinator Joe Hopkins tells Education Matters that a lot of teachers in Australia are currently working from home and they have found that there has been an ongoing issue with students not being able to hear them clearly.

“Our solution is the world-class engineered MV5C which is simple to set up and compatible with both Windows and Mac computers,” he says.

“We want teachers to be able to join virtual meetings with the confidence that they sound just as good at home as they do in the classroom. The MV5C is compatible with all third-party software platforms, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams.”

Coming in three different colours – red, black and grey – Hopkins says the MV5C is easy to set up by connecting directly to the users’ computer via the provided USB cables. You can also minimise your setup time with the preset DSP mode designed to automatically adjust your gain, equalisation and compression for speech applications.

With the ability to significantly enhance the audio quality of someones’ voice, the microphone has a speech enhancement mode and an adjustable desktop mount to ensure that the user is heard clearly.

“The speech enhancement mode provides automatic equalisation which boosts vocal frequencies for clear, consistent speech. The MV5C’s directional microphone element enables better collaboration with high-quality audio by increasing voice isolation and helping to minimise room reverberation,” Hopkins says.

The MV5C also allows the user to take a break from their headphones and listen through the computer’s built-in speaker or an external speaker. Hopkins adds that the microphones will be able to help teachers reach students more clearly and improve engagement and performance.

Founded in 1970, Jands distributes some of the world’s leading audio, lighting and staging brands for the installation, production and retail industries throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The company believes great learning environments start with seamless audio visual in the classroom with students and educators interacting with content both on site and remotely.

Audio quality and media connectivity can be the difference between understanding and confusion for the learner.

“Great learning environments start with seamless audio visual in the classroom and importantly, at a distance,” Hopkins says. “With the right technology in place, students and staff can focus on achieving their goals.”

Hopkins says the Shure Motiv range of microphones are the perfect piece of equipment for teachers and facilitators to transform their kitchens, lounge rooms or home offices into classrooms that allow them to communicate and educate with ease.

Hopkins adds, “I use the MV5C for all my online meetings and I understand why it was been awarded the Best Microphone of 2020 at the Ultimate Home Office Awards. I’ve found it to be the perfect addition to my work from home setup.”

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