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Compass introduces new function to reduce double-handling

Web-based school management system, Compass, is introducing a new timetabling solution, explains the company’s National Marketing Manager Ms Hannah Goldsmith.

Compass’ new timetabling solution, Griddle, was developed in partnership with the Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute at Deakin University. The institute combines world-leading lean data AI and machine learning expertise with a scaled-up team of software engineers.

“Griddle is revolutionising the way schools timetable through its advanced platform, built on cutting-edge algorithm design and decades of timetabling experience,” Ms Goldsmith says.

Griddle provides the first multi-user, fully cloud-based timetabling solution that supports student-centric scheduling.

“It’s the only solution fully integrated with Compass and syncs seamlessly with the Compass Events module to eliminate double-handling of data,” she says.

“Griddle’s world-class engine can generate timetables that accommodate the most complex scenarios such as split room usage and curriculum pathways. The user-friendly platform empowers users at all levels of timetabling expertise to achieve optimal schedules that enhance learning and wellbeing outcomes.”

Supporting schools to navigate change

Founded in 2010, Compass is used by more than 3,000 schools and four million parents, teachers and students, and has recently expanded into Ireland and the UK.

“Our cloud-first, scalable platform delivers real solutions to the complexities schools face every day,” Ms Goldsmith says.

“Our modules are highly integrated, mature and easy to use, so schools can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on student outcomes.”

It typically takes between one to three months to rollout Compass once a school comes on board, depending on complexity, providing an intuitive platform to centralise school news, events, attendance, learning tasks, wellbeing updates and more.

“We understand that involving key stakeholders and creating a shared vision is crucial for a smooth and successful transition to Compass, and we engage with school administrators, teachers, business managers, and IT staff throughout the journey,” Ms Goldsmith says.

“Schools are supported by our dedicated team of onboarding, training and support specialists to ensure they are prepared and can leverage the features of Compass from day one.”

Built in-house by a team of Australian developers, Compass is informed by 15 years of feedback from educators and administrators in Australian schools.

“Its breadth of functionality allows schools to manage all facets of the school in a single platform, reducing the number of systems required for daily operations. It integrates with best-of-breed software including several enterprise finance systems to deliver an end-to-end technology solution for schools,” Ms Goldsmith says.

Compass was, she says, the first Australian school management system to deliver a native app that was available to students, staff and parents. With two million users and ranked number two in education applications on the App Store, the app provides anywhere access to the Compass platform with over 80 per cent of parents choosing the Compass app as their preferred method of communication with their school. Its events, wellbeing and attendance tools are some of the system’s most popular.

“Our attendance module is the most sophisticated of its kind, providing intuitive roll marking, absence management, reporting and monitoring tools. Likewise, our wellbeing and behavioral management tool helps schools to monitor the wellbeing of individual students or cohorts. Our scalable suite of modules allows schools to create a customised solution shaped to their needs, which can evolve as the school’s needs change,” Ms Goldsmith says.

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