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Corwin opens Melbourne office


Corwin Australia hosts launch event at new CBD location on 6 October 2015.

Corwin has announced its next phase of growth in the Australian education landscape with a launch event at its new Melbourne location on 6 October.

Educators and Corwin partners were invited to the Queen Street facility for the official opening hosted by Corwin Australia’s Managing Director Brad Rosairo. Included was a welcoming ceremony from Wurundjeri elder, Bill Nicholson.

“Welcome, greetings and good day to all of you here,” said ‘Uncle Bill’, in his native Woiwurrung. “When you go somewhere for the first time you should feel welcome, and we Wurundjeri have a whole ceremony for that.”

Pointing towards the Yarra River nine stories below, Bill explained to event guests that the new office sits beside the Wurundjeri people’s connection to earth.

“So how do we do a welcome to country?” asked Bill. “We have a gathering like this one, and if you respect the land we will welcome you. By inviting me here tonight I feel like Corwin are respecting my people.”

Following a toast by Brad Rosairo and a didgeridoo performance, Corwin President, Mike Soules, who travelled from the United States for the opening, thanked Bill and the rest of the attendees.

“Five years ago I was asked what I wanted to contribute to education and I said, perpetuity,” said Mike. “Now I believe that with the team that we have in Australia, which has been together for such a short time and yet has achieved so much, we are on the way.”

Mike told the crowd he was excited to be raising the voice that Corwin had been shouting in North America.

“I know that it is sometimes daunting but we are in the most exciting work in the world,” said Mike. “But the answers are in the classroom and the answers are in this room.”

Mike said Corwin honours the partners it has already connected with in Australia and is looking forward to spreading the Visible Learning message. Mike said the new office reinforces Corwin’s commitment to its role of exclusive provider of the Visible Learningplus programs in Australia.

“We are confident with the work we are doing and we are confident we are working with the best people,” said Mike. “We are changing lives and this is another huge milestone – it is very exciting.”

Melbourne University Professor John Hattie’s Visible Learning research is now the world’s largest evidence base on what actually works best in schools to improve learning. Visible Learningplus is used by school systems around the world to examine their impact on student achievement and create innovation in the learning environment. Corwin is the exclusive provider of Visible Learningplus professional learning in Australia.

Cognition Consultant for Culture Counts, Laurayne Tafa, finished off the official proceedings by presenting Brad and Corwin with a koha (gift).

Laurayne explains that the progamme Culture Counts plus Relationships-based Learning is the work of Emeritus Professor Russell Bishop of sound theoretical basis, its well-conceptualized model of teacher professional development, and its positive impact on Māori (Indigenous) student outcomes.

“I am a New Zealander but we do a lot of work in Northern Territory with schools that have embraced the Culture Counts programme,” said Laurayne. “Our program rejects deficit theorizing around indigenous and minoritised learners in favour of a more agentic, strength based teaching model.”

Laurayne said the gift, or koha, was a poster depicting a hongi, a traditional Māori greeting. The hongi picture features people connecting (breathing life ) by pressing their noses together.
“Tonight’s opening symbolises our (Cognitions’) partnership with Corwin, and our partnership, like the work that we do, is done in the spirit of care and honesty,” said Laurayne. “It will be nice to walk in here next time and see the koha hanging proudly on the wall.”

Corwin finished the opening proceedings with a rooftop barbeque looking out over Melbourne city.

For further details contact Corwin (03) 8612 2000 or visit


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