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Crowdfunding campaign for students living in poverty


Aiming to raise $100,000 for students living in poverty, State Schools’ Relief has launched its Every Student crowdfunding initiative that will match funds raised by Victorian government schools dollar for dollar.

According to VCOSS Every Suburb, Every Town report (November 2018), 200,000 Victorian children or 1 in 6 aged under 15 years are living in poverty. This year Anti-Poverty Week will run from 13-19 October – and State Schools’ Relief wants all Australians to be aware of the number of students living in poverty.

State Schools’ Relief is a Victorian-based not for profit organisation that supports the needs of financially disadvantaged school students by providing them with new school uniforms, footwear and educational resources during times of vulnerability.

The Every Student crowdfunding campaign, launched via MyCause, will see State Schools’ Relief match dollar for dollar the amount raised by all participating Victorian government state schools, with prizes being awarded to the schools who raise the most.

In 2018/19, State Schools’ Relief assisted over 56,000 primary, secondary, specialist and language school students by providing them with various school needs.

State Schools’ Relief provides tangible resources to financially disadvantaged children to ensure children receive the benefits directly as opposed to providing financial compensation to parents, who can often be battling drug, gambling or other addictions, with no recourse to ensure the money is utilised to support the child’s education.

CEO, Sue Karzis, applauded the initiative shown by participating students who will be making a positive difference to many at-risk students with their fundraising endeavours.

“We know that many children and young people with disadvantaged backgrounds often don’t have access to the resources they need to complete their education. Raising funds which will be used to purchase essential items required for school is vitally important for those children and young people in being able to continue their education despite what they may be facing in their personal lives,” she said.

Toni Wren, Executive Director of Anti-Poverty Week, added that the partnership with State Schools’ Relief can help draw attention to the thousands of children who currently live in poverty in Australia.

“It’s not right that Australia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world yet too many children are going to bed or school hungry. We also know that if poverty is not addressed early and it continues into later life, children can carry the scars with them into adulthood. We must ensure that no child is left behind. Anti-Poverty Week is proud that State Schools’ Relief is a sponsor in 2019 and we wish them well with their Every Student campaign,” she said.

Each school can hold its own fundraising activities to raise as much money as possible and can direct supporters to their school’s fundraising page via the MyCause website. Prizes will be allocated to schools who raise the most which will be donated by local businesses.

Members of the public or businesses who would like to donate can do so by clicking here.


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