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Dairy Australia calls on primary schools

Dairy Australia is encouraging primary school students to get creative as part of the 2019 Healthy Bones Action Week program, with prizes awarded to the winning school.

Running from Monday 19 August to Sunday 26 August, students can get involved by sharing their most creative performance to the Healthy Bones Action Week song.

Healthy Bones Action Week promotes the three key actions for maintaining healthy bones; regular weight-bearing exercise, safe Vitamin D from the sun, and an adequate intake of calcium from foods such as dairy.

By uploading a video celebrating the importance of healthy bones, schools will go in the running to win a Healthy Bones Action Week Dairy Clinic hosted by Australian netballer, Madi Browne.

The Healthy Bones Action Week Dairy Clinic prize includes:

  • Exercise clinic run by Australian netballer Madi Browne
  • A morning tea of quality Australian dairy products
  • A $500 Rebel Sports Voucher

Dairy Australia’s Healthy Bones Action Week initiative encourages all Australians to think about their bone health and to ensure their daily routine includes the three key steps to maintaining good bone health.

“Maintaining strong and healthy bones is so important throughout every stage of life. Aussies of all ages need to have adequate calcium intake, Vitamin D levels and take part in regular weight bearing exercise to support their bone health,” said Ms Browne.

“For me, as a professional athlete, having strong bones is vital for me to achieve success and regularly perform at the top level. By focusing on bone health at a young age, these habits have continued throughout my professional career.”

Dairy Australia’s Schools Communications Manager, Emma Rundle added that by encouraging Aussie primary school students to take part in the Healthy Bones Action Week program and following the three simple actions for healthy bones, kids across Australia can ensure they learn from a young age what it takes to build and maintain strong and healthy bones.

“95 per cent of the general population are not fully informed on the measures to prevent osteoporosis. It’s important that Aussie kids understand the importance of the three key bone health actions,” said Ms Rundle.

Teachers can register their class and go in the running to win the Healthy Bones Action Week Dairy Day by uploading a video of the students demonstrating the importance of strong healthy bones and celebrating Healthy Bones Action Week through a performance of the Healthy Bones Action Week song.

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