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Data-driven schools unlock student potential

student potential

An online interactive education platform, developed by Monash University alumni, is capturing student academic development and providing real-time learning progress reports for teachers and parents.

Edapt Education is an easy-to-use, end-to-end data platform that empowers educators and schools to drive student growth and improvement through predictive and actionable data-driven insights.

COVID-19 has fast tracked the important role of technology in education. However, the remote learning environment has also made it more difficult for teachers to appropriately monitor and track the progress of their students.

Edapt Education compiles all the data relating to a student’s academic performance, engagement and behavioural trends over time to showcase how they develop throughout each year of schooling. The platform then allows teachers to regularly monitor the results to tailor individualised learning experiences based on each student’s needs.

Monash Faculty of Information Technology (IT) alumnus and Co-Founder of Edapt Education, Christopher Hoang, says data can be used to maximise student growth.

“By collating all the data related to a student’s profile onto one concise easy-to-use platform, Edapt gives teachers real-time insights into their student needs. By integrating this data into their day-to-day practices, teachers and schools are able to create meaningful change and significant improvements to their students’ overall performance,” he said.

“Edapt integrates with the existing systems that schools already use and is mapped against the Australian and State curriculum, meaning it can be implemented seamlessly alongside existing reporting systems.”

The platform has been adopted by more than a dozen primary and secondary schools across Victoria, with another 18 schools expected to sign on before the end of the year.

One of the first schools to employ the Edapt platform was Roxburgh College. Elizabeth Stayner, Assistant Principal at Roxburgh College, explains the benefits they’ve seen since incorporating a more data driven approach to their teaching methods.

“Edapt is so responsive to the challenges faced by our College. The data we obtain from the platform promotes rich conversations amongst our staff and leads to practical teaching outcomes which benefit our students,” Ms Stayner said.

“Our teachers no longer have to spend time collecting and analysing data, instead, they’re spending more time catering to each student’s individual needs and supporting them throughout their learning journey.”

Professor Dragan Gasevic, Director of the Centre for Learning Analytics in the Faculty of IT at Monash University, is an expert in the use of digital data in schools.

He says the growth in technology across educational settings has propelled the capacity for capturing rich data.

“Platforms like Edapt are able to implement a data-driven approach to offer tangible solutions to the current challenges faced by educators nation-wide,” Professor Gasevic said.

“The world-class degrees offered by the Faculty of IT has enabled students like Chris to be able to apply their skills and knowledge to address key community needs and use technology to create real-world solutions.”

Edapt Education was one of ten teams selected out of 135 applications for the 2020 Monash Generator Accelerator Program. The program is for Monash University innovators, entrepreneurs and changemakers looking to kick start and rapidly progress their startups.

To find out more about Edapt Education, please visit their website.

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