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Eco-friendly playground spaces enrich childhood development

The WillPlay commitment is to create high-quality playground equipment that is rooted in environmental stewardship.

WillPlay’s dedication to delivering high-quality playground equipment, prioritising safety, enjoyment, and sustainability, sets them apart in the playground industry. As an Australian- made and owned business, the company’s approach to creating eco-friendly play spaces is woven into their fundamental operational principles. With a strategic focus on material selection, providing lasting value throughout, the school’s park or playground project becomes the norm rather than the exception. Consequently, customers can expect a lifetime structural warranty for all of WillPlay’s play and fitness systems, and as an added bonus, these systems are 100 percent recyclable at the end ofbtheir lifespan.

Extended asset life, powered by premium materials

At the core of each play and fitness system from WillPlay lie premium materials, including marine-grade aluminium and stainless steel, which endure the test of time. A robust polyester powder coat system further enhances these materials’ longevity. Embracing the potential of recycled plastics, WillPlay’s designs favour sustainable practices, contributing to landfill reduction and natural resource preservation. These recycled plastic elements offer superior advantages over traditional materials by resisting rot, insects, and moisture – eliminating continuous maintenance, improving safety, and leaving a sustainable legacy for future generations.

The Boreham Park playground in Bundaberg offers climbing, swinging, gliding, bouncing, and much more, designed to ignite a sense of adventure.

Redefining durability to prolong equipment life

Choosing lower-quality materials can lead to a shortened product life and higher maintenance expenses over time. Traditional materials, such as timber and steel, can harbour hidden costs and maintenance issues over time. For instance, timber can swell under environmental conditions, leading to cracking and creating potential entrapment issues. Moreover, elements like rusting metal attachments can degrade the aesthetic appeal and compromise the structural integrity, shortening the equipment’s asset life. In-ground footings, a commonly overlooked part of structures, can also start rotting silently, putting user safety at stake.

In contrast, WillPlay takes a different approach. Their use of custom-designed, marine-grade aluminium extrusions, a robust and durable alternative, minimises these risks. Aluminium posts and timber composite panels, unlike steel and timber, don’t suffer from rot or swelling, ensuring the investment stands the test of time and elements. This, in effect, offers an efficient alternative to timber play equipment, circumventing the significant ongoing maintenance costs and hidden deterioration risks associated with traditional materials.

Evoking natural aesthetics

Timber look aluminium posts encapsulate the cosy wooden appeal while leveraging the sturdy, low-maintenance advantages of Australian made marine-grade aluminium. Unlike regular wood, this material resists weathering while avoiding splintering or decay, delivering resilient playground equipment even in harsh coastal conditions. Matching the allure of natural wood, composite wood panels are resistant to decay, pests and moisture, striking an optimal balance between aesthetics and durability.

Designed to be recycled

WillPlay believes in designing playgrounds with product end of life in mind. Consequently, when the playground reaches the end of its usable life, the equipment can be effortlessly recycled. The modular design allows efficient material separation for recycling—aluminium, stainless steel, recycled plastics, timber look aluminium, and composite wood. Emphasising recyclability aligns with the circular economy principles, minimising waste while optimising resource efficiency. This initiative inspires environmental awareness and responsibility beyond merely providing cost-effective maintenance solutions.

Citizens Park in Victoria.

Australian Made – A Symbol of quality and community building

Being a registered ‘Australian Made and Owned’ business, WillPlay is more than just a local business—it contributes towards the Australian community’s sustainable growth. WillPlay’s complex wide-ranging services bolster the local economy, nurture sustainability, and provide safe, eco-friendly environments for children to play and flourish. WillPlay’s commitment to Australian manufacturing is also evident in their selection of local suppliers, ensuring unwavering support to the local industry.

WillPlay’s meticulous approach towards premium material selection contributes towards exceptional product performance, extensive product lifespans, and a healthier planet while supporting the local economy. Its choice of industry-leading materials underlines a firm commitment to quality, guaranteeing the durability and strength of every WillPlay system. With WillPlay, it’s not just about creating playgrounds—it’s about creating lasting memories in a safe, durable, visually appealing, and eco-friendly environment.

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