Educational adventures in Asia and New Zealand
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Educational adventures in Asia and New Zealand

Educational adventures in Asia and New Zealand

International travel is well and truly back! Keen to get your students out of the classroom to experience the world and the educational and personal benefits that come from exploring a new destination, culture and environment? WorldStrides spotlight some of its top international learning adventures across Asia and New Zealand that will broaden students’ horizons far beyond their textbooks.


Cambodia is an enchanting country brimming with culture. It may be small, but this little gem is stunningly beautiful and offers a huge variety of attractions and experiences that you won’t find anywhere else, including its ancient and mystical temples. On a WorldStrides Cambodia Tour, students are fully immersed in the diverse culture while engaging in community programs designed to hone their sense of empathy and social justice.

Through service-learning experiences and visits to community not-for-profit centres, students actively engage with and contribute to diverse global communities. Educational theory is put into practice in rewarding, tangible ways that have meaningful benefits. By engaging with the local culture, students cultivate empathy and see firsthand the challenges they face in their everyday lives.


Take in the fascinating history and warm hospitality of this fiercely independent country, which has survived many challenges throughout its lifetime and is beloved by all who visit. On a WorldStrides tour of Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, students will deepen their knowledge of Vietnam’s war-torn past as they experience a vibrant culture of floating markets, historical temples, picturesque villages, iconic natural wonders, and fresh, flavourful cuisine.


Why not take your students to Japan to experience some of the best snow conditions the world has to offer while immersing them in traditional Japanese culture? Whether you visit the areas of Hakuba, Myoko Kogen, Nozawa Onsen or Niseko – fun, learning and adventure are guaranteed!

The snow season in Japan runs from mid-late December through to late March or early April, depending on the resort. Because the temperatures are so low, you’ll experience soft and dry powder to ski or snowboard on all day!

When students aren’t skiing, there are plenty of activities to keep the boredom at bay. Explore local street markets, soak in the hot springs or Onsen’s, practise Japanese calligraphy, take part in a tea-making ceremony, make your own sushi or get dressed up in a traditional Kimono. These activities will give students a new appreciation and knowledge of Japanese culture.


Known for its vibrant culture, diverse natural landscapes and exotic wildlife, Indonesia is the perfect destination for students of language, art and humanities. With bustling markets, tiny traditional villages, verdant rice terraces and opulent sultan’s palaces, students will be immersed in the natural environment of Indonesian culture.

Whether you choose WorldStrides Best of Indonesia or Language Immersion: Bali tours, students can enjoy cooking classes, dance performances, and outdoor adventures, and fast-track their language skills at the Indonesia Australian Language School.

New Zealand

Where else will you find adventure sports, rich indigenous cultural experiences, and a backdrop of awe-inspiring landscapes? Right on our doorstep in New Zealand of course!

Picture this… you and your students climbing an active volcano, swimming in geothermal pools, experiencing a traditional Hangi feast, exploring limestone glow-worm caves or zip-lining through the canopy of ancient forests. Our experiential programs in New Zealand combine all of the above and are tailored to suit your specific curriculum focuses so students are always learning while having the absolute time of their life. Choose your adventure with WorldStrides North Island or South Island tours.

If we’ve inspired you to start planning an international adventure for 2023 or beyond, contact our program experts for a free quote!

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