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Edval launches timetabling solution for primary schools

Edval launches timetabling solution for primary schools

Edval has launched an all-new cloud-based software solution designed specifically for primary schools, that’s making daily timetabling and organisational management a breeze.

Edval Primary is a timetabling program that has been purpose built to suit the needs of primary schools. It provides fully automated timetable construction with greater transparency to help ensure a more efficient use of resources.

As a timetabling expert, Edval’s suite of software aims to streamline a school’s entire scheduling process. It can generate customised, highly detailed timetables in minutes. From completely automated schedules, to manual allocations, Edval can facilitate it all.

Principals and school leaders can easily manage the school’s daily operations with access to live timetables, synced with the school’s calendar. Notifications can be tailored so all parties receive updates of any changes as they happen, keeping everyone in the loop.

Teachers can also easily review rosters, schedule meetings and book rooms or equipment at any time, as needed.

Designed to save time and effort, Edval Primary is easy to use, featuring drag and drop functionality. It can be used to schedule specialist classes, yard duties, organise extra curricular activities such as music lessons or sports classes, and more. The scheduler can also ‘lock’ a subject to a specifically required slot, and auto timetable around it.

Edval Primary can assist with class list management, automatically assigning students to classes by considering multiple parameters and providing schools with reporting of allocated subject time for ACARA requirements and Key Learning Areas, for each subject and student group.

When used in combination with Edval Daily, teachers can access various timetable views, with individual webcodes and permissions, showing all teaching and non-teaching obligations. Timetable views are offered, either individually or in combinations, for teachers, student groups, year levels and rooms, with colour-coded subjects.

Edval Daily produces Day Sheets that can be printed or emailed to ensure everyone involved knows exactly what is happening within their day. The software can display a teacher’s timetable for the day, their classes, covers, room changes, duties and events or excursions.

A time and cost saving solution, designed to assist with daily school organising and management, Edval Primary has been developed to evolve with your school; assisting principals and school leaders to easily stay on top of all that is happening within their primary school.

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