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Consolidate, assess and engage with NEO from CYPHER LEARNING

Consolidate, assess and engage with NEO from CYPHER LEARNING

Schools are still consolidating their systems after the extreme changes brought about by the pandemic. At a time when the workloads of teachers, school leaders and administration staff are under immense strain, NEO by CYPHER LEARNING offers a solution that makes online teaching an enjoyable experience from day one.  

A recent Grattan Institute survey of 5,442 Australian teachers and school leaders across all states and territories in both primary and secondary schools found that more than 90 per cent of teachers say they don’t have enough time to prepare effectively for classroom teaching – the core focus of their job. CYPHER LEARNING’s NEO LMS is designed from an academic perspective, so teachers don’t need any technical knowledge to create safe, dynamic, and highly customisable online classes. NEO removes the time-consuming hassle of switching from one edtech application to another, moving data from one system to another, and trying to make various tools work together.

NEO is a powerful K-12 learning management system (LMS) for designing lessons, building engaging content and managing all learning activities and assessments. It has been designed as a complete solution for use by teachers, students and school admins to stay connected and collaborate with each other. NEO is currently used in 129 schools worldwide in over 36 countries.

A survey of schools using NEO found that 92% of schools agreed that it had transformed their institution, making it easy for teachers to create online classes, and for students to stay engaged and have an enjoyable learning experience anytime, anywhere. “NEO allows us to really structure our lessons so that our students are familiar with what we start off with, what comes next, what’s expected of them, and when they’re done. Through this structure, we’re able to teach these students information that they typically wouldn’t be able to access outside of high school or even in high school,” says Cathi Allen, Executive Director, Higher Education Certificate Program, Denver. “In the face-to-face classes, we would have spent two or three hours grading each exam by hand. However, now that we use the platform, I’ve found that this grading takes just one or two minutes because the platform provides us with the answers,” says Dr. Emily Mabborang, Principal, The University of Saint Louis, Tuguegarao. “Online learning platforms, such as LMSs, have become a crucial component for successful teaching and learning in the pandemic, with remote learning appearing to be here to stay. Of course, face-to-face teaching is also an important aspect of the educational process. However, this time span has also shown how learning in a virtual environment can offer unique benefits and be a more open, engaging, and inclusive choice for students who benefit from non-traditional learning methods,” Mabborang continues.

Why choose NEO?

  • NEO integrates with all the tools you’re already using – including a SIS integration to safely import all your data into the system. Learning can also be enhanced by integrating NEO with Google Tools for Education and Microsoft Tools for Education.
  • It’s a user-friendly platform for young learners – NEO has an intuitive design that is highly customisable, making it easy to be used even by a year one student. 
  • It makes learning inclusive for all students – online learning has no limitations for students’ learning abilities thanks to NEO’s innovative accessibility features.
  • NEO allows teachers to choose their class style – select the type of class that best suits your teaching style, whether it’s instructor-led, blended, self-paced, or micro learning. It’s easy to create and deliver diverse educational content, tapping into different useful features.
  • It makes assessment a breeze – teachers get instant analytics on student progress, allowing them to pinpoint where students might need additional help.
  • NEO creates an enjoyable learning experience – students love using NEO thanks to features such as gamification or adaptive learning, which makes learning more fun. Plus, they can access the system anytime, on any device.
  • It helps increase student mastery through personalisation – teachers can track a student’s progress on a competency basis and personalise the teaching content. Thanks to automation, the system can even make recommendations based on both student progress and learning goals.

For further information visit, cypherlearning.com/en-au/neo

This article was first published in Education Matters Primary Magazine, September 2022. To read the issue download it here. 

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