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Enhance school playgrounds with WillPlay’s timber-look materials

WillPlay’s timber-look materials designed for school playgrounds marry the classic charm of timber with the strength of more robust materials.

Playgrounds are a cornerstone of childhood experiences at school, fostering physical, cognitive, and social skills. Selecting the right material for these spaces is crucial for schools aiming to provide a durable, safe, and visually appealing playground.

The magic of timber-look aluminium

Imagine combining the charming aesthetics of timber with the sturdiness of marine-grade aluminium—it’s now possible with WillPlay’s timber-look aluminium posts and battens.

Crafted to resist decay, weathering, and splintering, these components lend an enduring strength to playgrounds in versatile climates—including challenging coastal conditions.

Key Benefits:

  • Strength and lightness: Aluminium is lighter, stronger, and straighter than real wood, making building efficient and preventing warping over time.
  • Environmental responsibility: Aluminium is 100% recyclable with free VOC coatings and lead-free finishes, meaning a smaller environmental footprint for your school.
  • Fire, pest, and corrosion resistance: Aluminium is non-combustible, impervious to insects, and offers excellent corrosion protection—an ideal material for any school environment.
  • Practicality: Its non-porous nature ensures aluminium doesn’t swell, grow mould or mildew when exposed to harsh conditions, thus requiring minimal maintenance.
Aluminium doesn’t swell, grow mould or mildew when exposed to harsh conditions. Image: Active Discovery
Goorimahbah – Place of Stories, Jack Evans Boat Harbour, NSW. Image: WillPlay

Composite wood panels: the future of playground material

WillPlay’s composite wood panels are a superb alternative for schools that love the beauty of natural wood but require a more enduring solution.

Designed to resist decay, pests, and moisture, these panels mimic the warmth and texture of timber while being almost maintenance-free.

Key Benefits:

  • Aesthetic versatility: available in different colours, these panels can accommodate diverse design needs while maintaining the warm timber aesthetic.
  • Environmental sustainability: made from recycled materials, composite wood panels not only stand the test of time but also reduce landfill waste.
  • Safety: their high resistance to slipping makes the panels especially safe for children, even in damp environments.

Adopting WillPlay’s timber-look materials for your school playground is an investment in longevity, sustainability, and timeless aesthetic. You aren’t just choosing a product; you’re embracing an ethos synonymous with design excellence and respect for nature. By selecting timber-look materials, your school can create a lasting legacy, an outdoor space that generations of students can enjoy, appreciate, and remember fondly.

Visit www.willplay.com.au/timberlook

Wentworth Park. Image: Active Discovery
Emerald Reserve. Image: WillPlay
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