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Enhancing everyday teaching in the classroom

IG3 Education

The ultimate test of technology in the classroom is measured based on its effective use and integration, which is why IG3 Education provides solutions aimed at practical use within the classroom.

EduTouch Solutions are specifically designed for schools and kindergartens, complemented with an extensive software package and training to give teachers the ability to use technology effectively.

IG3 Education Chief Executive Officer Tony Church, who has more than 25 years of experience in the sector, says EduTouch Solutions not only enhances classroom teaching, but also makes learning more interesting and collaborative.

Featuring a touchscreen based interactive whiteboard software, its functions include writing, erasing, commenting, drawing and roaming.

“The specifically designed education solution has 20-point touch, 4K ultra-HD display with an integrated Android interface,” he says.

“All EduTouch Panels include Note Interactive Software, Snowflake and four hours of basic training.”

Church says the company has evolved into a leading education solutions specialist company that has delivered cutting edge education and technology programs to schools and kindergartens since 2001.

As part of its commitment to the education sector, he says the company empowers teachers so they are confident to use its solutions.

“With every solution we install we also provide basic training, which can be delivered online or face-to-face,” he says. 

“We also don’t put a limit on the amount of training a school can have for free. This ensures the product is being used effectively in the classroom.”

Church says it is through this approach that IG3 Education is investing in its own future and helping grow its solutions for the education industry.

As part of the EduTouch Solutions package, each panel comes with a one-year classroom license (1 teacher and 24 students) to one of the company’s supplemental online curriculum resources.

Schools have the option to have access to either: IG3 Maths, IG3 English, Read Me!, or The Language Market.  IG3 products assesses students through its programs.

Church says every resource/plan is focused on the individual learner and can be accessed 24-hours a day from any device.

The education software included with the EduTouch Solution also provides teachers with a fully interactive education solution, with the flexibility of using any other software installed on their computers interactively on the EduTouch panels.

The IG3 Maths software uses an integrated multi-dimensional teaching assistant (IMTA), which is a technology that uses algorithms to determine a student’s subject knowledge and foundational level understanding. 

The program provides individualised learning plans for each student based on their multi-dimensional assessment, eliminating the teacher’s struggle to keep up with all the varied learning rates of their students.

The IG3 English system similarly pinpoints any learning gaps that students may have developed to deliver individualised learning within set boundaries. The teacher can also set specific learning plans for the student.

During a time where remote learning has been a prominent part of the classroom experience because of COVID-19, Church says that to have engagement the wireless connectivity is an important aspect when installing and using the solution.

“When installing EduTouch there are a number of requirements we assess,” Church says. “First the size is determined through the school’s budget and the size of the classroom. We then assess the environmental factors, external light, and make sure when we are installing it, it is positioned for a teacher-centred classroom.”

“Schools need to be able to integrate it into their everyday teaching, so we have designed EduTouch to have to ability to be connected to any external device.

“When we redeveloped out platform, we ensured it was able to run on the latest technology and standards and could be deliverable through any device.”

With a historical fail rate of only 0.02 per cent, Church says IG3 Education used the highest-grade panels to optimise its display and interaction, and also offers a seven years warranty to schools across Australia.

He says before an EduTouch panel is sent out for installation, his team physically checks every panel and ensures that all setting and embedded software is correctly setup for customers to create a smoother transition and to maintain its low fail rate.

The EduTouch Solution is available in a number of variations – EduTouch Kindy Solution for Kindy and pre-school learners; Electronic Height Adjustable Mobile Solution to expand usage across multiple grades across multiple classrooms; Automated floor/wall mounted Stand to cater for different age groups (multiple grades) of users; Height Adjustable solutions with articulate brackets to allow for wheelchair access to and use of the panels, etc.

Church says the different solutions for the EduTouch panels allows for IG3 Educations to accommodate different needs in the classroom and create a more collaborative learning environment.

“EduTouch Solutions also improves digital literacy skills to prepare students for their future,” he says.

To further implement an array of innovative and engaging learning strategies, IG3 Education also offers camera solutions, which he says has become important during online learning.

The EduTouch SC26B Webcam includes a 4K ultra wide-angle 360-degree view, with clear, crisp, and natural audio that is compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WEBEX, Skype, and other popular video calling applications.

“During times of remote learning, teachers need to be able to move the camera and the students need to be able to see them and be able to follow along easily. We have the perfect solutions for every classroom,” says Church.

By continuing to provide teachers with comprehensive programs, that is backed by high-quality solutions, IG3 Education is dedicated to advancing the classroom experience for every school.

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