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Epson delivers endless possibilities

Committed to providing innovative, state-of-the-art learning facilities, St John’s Catholic School in Roma, Queensland, recently installed Epson’s interactive projectors in each of its primary classrooms.

St John’s now has a total of 24 Epson EB-695Wi ultra short throw projectors across the school. Along with one installed in every primary classroom, there is another in the boardroom and another two on order for the school’s secondary classrooms.

The Epson EB-695Wi was chosen following an internal survey conducted in 2017 that found this projector was the preferred audio-visual aid for its teachers. The first of these projectors were installed in 2017, and have now been in use for close to two years.

Principal at St John’s, Donaugh Shirley, says the school chose to install these projectors with the hope of increasing student performance and productivity, inspiring teaching methods on a school-wide level and enhancing the level of engagement between students and teachers. “The projectors provide endless possibilities to teachers in delivering the curriculum. They are so much more than just a projector and a whiteboard. They assist our teachers in delivering an effective teaching and learning environment that connects with our students. Teachers can now engage with students in real time learning activities on the whiteboard, which is a feature of the Epson projector. This enables students to feel part of the lesson.”

Advanced connectivity and interactive features were also key drivers of the school’s decision to implement the Epson projectors across the school. “The EB-695Wi stood out for us due to the interactive features and specifications, while still being affordable. The advanced connectivity aspect was also important for the school. We are teaching curious 21st century students and we must continually adapt to new technologies to enhance our learning environment,” Ms Shirley adds.

Along with being affordable to purchase, Epson EB-695Wi projectors also have a long maintenance cycle.

Through the use of the Epson EB-695Wi projectors, existing whiteboards, plain walls, and tables can be transformed into interactive workspaces.

Teachers can deliver interactive lessons using either finger-touch or Epson’s interactive dual pens. These pens enable the teacher and student or two students to work simultaneously using different attributes.

Ms Shirley lists the projector’s ability to display objects using the camera, being able to use different boards for different purposes, the unlimited whiteboard space that comes with the free Epson Interactive Software, and the ability to save whiteboard work to your PC as some of the standout features of the Epson EB-695Wi.

The ability for the projectors to be easily integrated with various devices and software was another factor in the school’s decision to install this model of projector.

Epson’s EB-600 series is designed for the modern Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) classroom. With higher colour brightness than various competitor models, these 3LCD projectors display bright and vivid images. It incorporates optional wireless functionality and advanced connectivity, which allows teachers to easily share content from multiple student devices, including Chromebooks. With the addition of Moderator software, teachers can share content with up to four devices simultaneously.

St John’s Epson projectors were installed by Epson agent, Datacom. “The project ran smoothly and was delivered on time and within budget,” says Ms Shirley. “The teacher training provided as part of the install project was both relevant and comprehensive. Staff came away from the training excited by the possibilities offered by the Epson projector within the learning environment.”

With St John’s now in the process of planning a new secondary building, the school is looking at incorporating the Epson EB-695Wi projectors into the new classrooms.

All Epson projectors are based on 3-chip LCD technology for amazing colour, incredible detail and solid reliability. 3LCD’s 3-chip architecture dedicates an entire chip to process to each primary colour – red, green and blue, continuously, unlike single-chip technology that delivers colour sequentially. The result is vibrant, realistic images and video delivered with 3LCD’s true-to-life colour.

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