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Epson’s new high achieving projector: the EB-L1070UNL

Epson EB-L1070UNL laser projector

With large, immersive learning spaces becoming more commonplace in secondary schools, Epson has filled a void with its newly launched projector, the EB-L1070UNL, delivering exceptional brightness and clarity.

Among its most versatile projectors to date, Epson’s compact EB-L1070UNL features native WUXGA resolution with 4K enhancement technology and a colour light output up to 7000 lumens. So what does that mean? It means sharper, crisper, brighter images that go well above and beyond high definition. The EB-L1070UNL produces impressive laser image quality and creates rich colours, high contrast, clear whites, defined shadow details and deep blacks for outstanding images.

Among the world’s largest manufacturers of projectors, computer printers, robotics, and information and imaging related equipment, Epson continues to go beyond the boundaries to produce innovative equipment. Its extensive range of projectors are used in schools, businesses and homes across the globe, with a broad range of models to suit varying needs.

Epson continues to connect people, things and information with original, efficient, compact and precision technologies.

The new EB-L1070UNL is part of Epson’s new range of compact, 3LCD installation laser projectors with interchangeable lenses. It was unveiled for the first time in May this year.

Featuring an inconspicuous, clean-lined design and quieter fan, the EB-L1070UNL fits seamlessly into a wide variety of environments – the perfect solution for larger school spaces such as immersive learning spaces, school halls and assembly areas. As well as finding their place in schools, these innovative projectors can be found in lecture theatres, museums, meeting rooms and more.

According to Epson, the EB-L1070UNL laser projector hits a sweet spot in terms of brightness versus cost, and is an ideal solution for schools requiring a projector for use in a large space. At 7000 lumens, these projectors are very bright and sharp.

Each EB-L1070UNL projector is available as ‘body only’, which provides the user with a wide choice of optional lenses. This flexible design approach means the end user can fit the most appropriate lens for their particular needs. A total of 11 interchangeable Epson lenses are available, ranging from short to long throw projection.

Like all Epson projectors, the EB-L1070UNL uses 3-chip LCD technology for exceptional colour, detail and reliability. This means it features three separate liquid crystal panels, with each one dedicated to processing a different colour – red, green and blue. Projectors that use 3LCD technology are easy on the eyes because they reproduce images in bright, natural colours with smooth motion and no colour break-up. 3LCD projectors are the most widely used projectors in the world.

Epson’s 3LCD projectors offer greater power efficiency too, resulting in savings in energy consumption. 3LCD projectors use no moving parts in the light control system, which ensures added reliability over many years of operation.

The Epson EB-L1070UNL is designed for easy installation, with fit-and-forget reliability. They also benefit from 360-degree installation flexibility and are quieter and lighter than the previous series. Once installed, these laser projectors are maintenance free for 20,000 hours.

These projectors also feature geometry correction, and edge blending, which means multiple individual images can be combined to create one seamless giant image.

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