eSmart empowers positive digital citizens
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eSmart empowers positive digital citizens

eSmart empowers positive digital citizens

New Victorian school funding allows all schools to choose one, more or all eSmart education programs free-of-charge.

The world of children and young people has changed dramatically since we were founded. Threats of violence, trauma and bullying are now just as prevalent online as in the family home, the schoolyard or beyond.

Through national not-for-profit, the Alannah & Madeline Foundation’s school eSmart programs, all children, educators and families are supported to build essential digital skills to develop a generation of safe and strong digital citizens who are capable and compassionate. 

The Foundation does this by helping children and young people reduce their risk of exposure to online harm and empower them to safely and successfully navigate the digital world.

Importantly, its eSmart programs in primary schools, high schools, non-mainstream schools and public libraries are aligned with the national school curriculum and empower students, teachers and parents to create connected and supportive school communities where all students have the freedom to flourish.

For their right to be safe online

While the internet is great for learning and socialising, the Alannah & Madeline Foundation hears stories every day about its pitfalls. These range from children being exposed to inappropriate content, fraud and scams, and being bullied – which can and does contribute to anxiety, depression and in extreme cases, suicide. 

As a nation, we should all be working to ensure we invest time and resources into raising a generation of smart, safe and responsible children who are capable and compassionate – both on and offline.

The Foundation’s goal is to keep children safe from bullying, cyber bullying and violence.

eSmart is a way to help achieve this.

Its eSmart programs are helping communities teach the smart, safe and responsible use of online technology.

eSmart Schools 

eSmart Schools is a tailor-made and flexible whole-school change framework helping to put in place stronger protocols and practices that can lead to the reduction of bullying and cyber bullying.

When you use eSmart Schools you’re guided by a dedicated advisor all year.

You can focus on your priority areas, attend staff workshops and join network meetings with school staff from your local region. We’ll support your needs and help you reach goals in your school’s annual plan. Email our team:

eSmart Digital Licence+ 

eSmart Digital Licence+ offers an exciting, individualised learning experience with gamified elements for students in Years 5-9, focusing on building knowledge and skills across technology use, cyber risk management and online security, assisting educators to cater for different learning levels. Visit

eSmart Media Literacy lab

This gamified e-learning tool empowers secondary students to think critically, create responsibly and be effective voices and active citizens online, engaging them in essential media literacy education through an innovative resource that reflects youth experiences. Visit

eSmart Connect workshops

Choose from a range of live workshops in online safety, bullying and wellbeing for children and young people, as well as teachers, parents and adults who work to support and protect them.

Delivered by expert facilitators, choose from set 45-60 minute workshops or build your own by combining modules to suit varying audiences, including younger and older students, adults, parents, teachers, staff leadership and the general community.   Visit

Enquire now to discover eSmart free of charge for your school. Visit:

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