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Facial recognition a game changer

Acer’s facial recognition technology, My Classroom, aims to improve student safety, reduce the reporting burden on teachers and provide parents with peace of mind that their children are getting the most out of their school experience.

Australian schools are on the brink of adopting cutting-edge innovations to enhance teachers and students’ lives. As virtual reality and chatbots, among other technologies, make their way into the classroom, all eyes are looking at what can be adopted next and how it can improve education as we know it.

While we’re increasingly seeing facial recognition in airports and now even on our phones, the technology has enormous potential for the classroom.
One such offering is My Classroom. Available exclusively from Acer, this technology uses facial recognition in order to track classroom attendance, empowering teachers, protecting children and providing parents with peace of mind.

More time for teaching
Through automated classroom roll call attendance tracking and integration with the school’s management system, teachers are relieved of the reporting burden placed on them through tedious yet necessary administrative tasks such as taking the roll.

When teachers are freed up to focus on higher-value work, it means they can give their students the time and recognition they deserve to learn and grow.

This can allow for greater innovation in the classroom through new teaching methods and engaging activities, as well as providing the opportunity for teachers to be able to spend more one-on-one time with students who may require additional support.

Centred on children’s safety
There have been stories reported in the media of school children going missing far too often, which serve as a tremendous reminder of the duty of care and responsibility educators have for students and families to keep children safe while they are at school.

At the heart of My Classroom is the safety and security of children. The technology provides schools and teachers with interactive floor plans mapping the location of students, combined with a reliable notification system which alerts parents, teachers and the attendance officer if students are missing or their location is unknown. This additionally minimises the cost for security administration and management so schools can invest in new technologies and infrastructure to enhance the learning experience.

Why facial recognition?
The benefits of facial recognition go far beyond individuals being able to unlock their phone without having to enter a passcode.

Facial recognition can be used by schools to innovate the traditional way teachers previously took the roll.

The technology improves the speed of operations, using a fast algorithm ideal for environments with large and repeat traffic such as schools.

It is reliable, with a very low error rate, and can be managed by teachers with an intuitive user interface to achieve results efficiently and accurately.

The technology is flexible and is easy to use and install, and can be integrated with other software systems to improve operational effectiveness across the entire school.

For more information about Acer’s My Classroom technology or to sign up for a free school attendance and security audit, please call 1300 308 056 or email education.aca@acer.com.

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