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Facts and Fishes: New Animal Protection Education resources


Voiceless has released its latest classroom resource suite ‘Facts and Fishes’, providing scientifically backed information on fish sentience and addressing many of the misconceptions surrounding fish capabilities and intelligence.

This is the seventh educational program for high school students that has been released by Voiceless, an animal protection institute and national think tank devoted to Animal Protection Education (APE).

Designed for Year 7 Science, Facts and Fishes is suite of resources that allow students to dive into the wonders of the animal kingdom beneath the sea over 6-8 weeks. Through informative, accurate and scientific resources, students explore the watery world of fishes.

Students are encouraged to bring their inquiry and critical thinking skills to the fore as they investigate the intelligence, memory, capabilities, sentience and culture of fishes.

The suite of professionally developed resources aims to introduce students to a wide range of issues and concepts by encouraging research, critical thinking, discussion and debate.

Facts and Fishes also addresses the cross-curricular priority of Sustainability, with an emphasis on the concept that all life forms, including human life, are connected through ecosystems on which they depend for their wellbeing and survival.

Through these Science classroom resources, students learn:

  • The many capabilities of fishes
  • The science behind the sentience of fishes
  • To think critically about animal protection issues
  • The importance of sustainability

The Facts and Fishes resources include a scientifically backed Fact Sheet, lessons for teachers, student worksheets, podcasts featuring experts in the field and an animated video.

“Voiceless decided to create an educational resource suite for Year 7 Science on this topic, as we think it is crucial that students understand that fishes are thinking, feeling creatures. We are trying to bust the many misleading myths surrounding these fascinating animals,” said Hanna Lucas, Education Program Coordinator at Voiceless.

To access the full suite of Facts and Fishes resources, please click here or to access the podcast, click here.

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