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FEATURES |  Education Matters Primary & Secondary

Each issue of the Education Matters Primary & Secondary magazine is split into two sections dedicated to primary and secondary schools with a combined easy to use directory leading readers to your advertising throughout the publication. This comprehensive directory allows for multiple listings and the opportunity for you to reach both audiences.

Education Matters Primary & Secondary features editorial on hot topics including, teacher development, child development and health, 21st century learning, cyber safety, and green schools and sustainability.

Each issue also contains content and a buyer’s guide highlighting issues across the whole school environment including:

  • IT/Interactive learning
  • Extra-curricular learning
  • Sports development
  • Libraries
  • Music and drama
  • PE/Outdoor Ed/Excursions
  • Science
  • Audio Visual
  • Art Supplies and stationery
  • Infrastructure
  • Tech studies and home economics
  • Campaigns and events
  • Schools going green
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