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First Victorian Government school opens immersive smart classroom

Lyndale Secondary College has become the first Victorian Government school to open a smart classroom using immersive technology to increase student learning outcomes.

The college, situated in Dandenong North, announced yesterday the opening of a state-of-the-art Lumination Learning Lab, that uses virtual reality and augmented reality technology for experiential learning across all subjects linked to the curriculum.

Lyndale Secondary College Principal, Ms Pam Robinson, was excited to be the first Victorian Government school to open a Lumination Learning Lab.

“Our mission has always been to inspire and equip the next generation with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in an ever changing world. Our Lumination Learning Lab is a pivotal step for us, to achieving that goal,” she said.

Lyndale Secondary College plans to use the Lumination Learning Lab across all subjects. Students at Lyndale will benefit as the Lab will increase student engagement and provide learning opportunities to deepen skills of critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

“I want you to imagine a classroom where textbooks come to life, where historical events unfold before our students’ eyes, and where complex scientific concepts are visualised in 3D,” Ms Robinson said.

Ms Rebecca Bendikov, head of education programs at Lumination, attended the launch at Lyndale.

“We are excited to partner with Lyndale on their Lumination Learning Lab to forge the way forward for Government education in Victoria. We are excited to see how this technology will open up pathways for students to connect with industry and the local community.”

Ms Robinson is also looking into the future and what the students at Lyndale will achieve with their Lab.

“Our Lumination Learning Lab will be embraced as a powerful tool to enhance our impact where we can empower our students to not only navigate the challenges of today but to become leaders and innovators of tomorrow,” Ms Robinson said.

Non-government Victorian schools including Girton Grammar School, Catholic Ladies College and St Francis Catholic College have signed on to build, or have already opened, Lumination Learning Labs.

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