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Free educational seminars

As a part of the National Education Summit, The Education Show will host a range of free educational seminars that aim to hone in on topical issues such as technology, wellbeing, professional teaching and techniques for learning.

It will be held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from 31 August – 1 September 2018, The Education Show.

Highlight sessions include: The THRASS Institute’s critical examination of the phonetics learning to support or hinder dyslexic children in Explicit Phonographic Instruction – The Ultimate Tool for Learners with Dyslexia; as well as Proactive Teaching Strategies to Live, Work & Play Safely Online by Co-Founders of the Cyber Safety Project, Sam Macauley and Trent Ray; and Strategies to Develop Body Confident Young People delivered by The Butterfly Foundation.

Along with the Free Education Program, The Education Show will also feature over 100 exhibitors showcasing the latest in curriculum, classroom and technology resources as well as services and programs.

“Challenges in the education sector are constantly evolving and professionals and experts in the field are always learning, we believe it’s critical to provide an equitable platform to share this knowledge for the benefit of children across the nation,” said International Exhibition and Conference Group CEO, Marie Kinsella.

To register to visit The Education Show or view the full list of free seminars, please click here.

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