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Free online resources for teachers

Monash Education has launched TeachSpace, an online space for teachers that provides how-to videos, case studies and handy tips for the classroom.

From easily accessible articles and videos to deeper dives for educational leaders, all the materials are based on the latest research from specialist educators from Monash.

The topics covered are diverse and include:
• Strategies to use technology in the classroom.
• Ways to deliver on the new health and physical education curriculum.
• Clarification on cultural education requirements.
• Reasoning-based methodologies to promote critical and creative thinking in mathematics.

Professor Colleen Vale, who has contributed an article about mathematical reasoning, welcomed the online space and said it’s a great vehicle to translate research into evidence-based teaching practices.

“We know classrooms are busy places, and it can be hard for teachers to stay on top of the research. We want to make it quick and easy.”
Jenny McDonell is a Grade 3/4 teacher from Warrandyte Primary School in Victoria and passionately believes in the power of reasoning tasks to create more lightbulb moments.

She was featured in a short video for TeachSpace showing how matchsticks can help students understand patterns, form theories and develop them into mathematical rules.

“Children in my class just love mathematics. Learning maths in this way is fun for kids, so they enjoy learning, and they are learning different skills. They are learning to think and they are learning to solve problems and try different methods. All together it creates a deeper understanding of what they are learning. It’s fantastic.”

Every month Monash will add new content, resources and tips for teachers and educators. Topics will cover all the specialist areas of the Victorian Curriculum, but also explore broader issues in education such as teacher wellbeing and behavioural management.

Teachers are encouraged to suggest topics, and to identify areas where they need more support.

To see how TeachSpace can help you in the classroom, please visit the website.

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