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Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 – A new perspective on scanning

Smooth operation in overhead scanning enhanced with new customised features while continuing the ScanSnap concept: Simple, Fast and Compact. The Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 is changing the landscape of printing.

We are seeing printing opening doors to scanning books without hassle and digitising 3D objects such as school kids artwork. The SV600 is capable of high quality scanning of large documents up to A3 size in a compact unit. The SV600 uses new Versatile Imaging (VI) Technology that maintains high image quality and ensures user-friendly operation.Information is just a scan away!

Imagine that instead of paying for a textbook, you are able to just borrow it from the library, and in five minutes, scan the important pages directly to your computer. On top of that, ScanSnap scanners convert your files into searchable PDFs, so you can save time by easily searching a scanned document for exactly what you need. Think how easy it would be to search through your book using just the ‘Ctrl+F’ function.

The SV600 can directly scan large documents (up to A3 size) as well as bound books to document quality. It maintains the ScanSnap series’ reputation for sharp scanned data images as well as inheriting the iconic “One Touch” feature from the ScanSnap Series. Unique features of the SV600 include an in-built “Book Image Correction” (ability to remove distortion caused by the curve of an open book) feature and “Page Turning Detection” feature, which initiates the scanning operation via the detection of page turning movements.

The release of the SV600 with its simple and fast desktop to digital data capture capability, allows the scanning of documents such as broadsheets and thick books that were previously difficult to handle. Its compact design and overhead scanning operation, reduces desktop footprint and even allows capture of multiple business card details just by scattering them within the scanning area. This is a welcome addition to the ScanSnap series of personal scanners, which deliver fast and simple document digitization to PDF.”

SV600 Features
1. Easy to digitise different document types using the new VI Technology
VI Technology combines a lens with variable depth of field, a direction controlled LED lamp and a CCD linear image sensor to minimise unevenness in image quality. This ensures distortion is removed and scanning produces uniform document quality. As a result even large documents and bound books can be easily digitised.

(a) Able to scan newspapers and magazines up to A3 size
No need to cut or fold. Simply position the documents, books, newspapers, within the scanning area and they can be easily scanned. Thick documents (up to 30mm) such as books or greeting cards, and even those with sticky notes attached can be scanned directly without difficulty.

(b) Able to scan old or delicate documents
Because the SV600 does not touch any document surface it is possible to scan precious items that would otherwise be damaged by too much handling or feeding into ordinary ADF scanners.

2. All-in-one unit lets you create and read your own digital books
The page turning detection function and the image correction feature, greatly simplify and speed the scanning of book pages. Rack2-Filer Smart and Magic Desktop software, makes SV600 the all-in-one model for organising and enabling the reading of scanned images as digital books.

(a) Book Image Correction automatically corrects the distortion caused by the curve of an opened book
Scanned images can be confirmed and fine-tuned using the preview dialog to ensure that the data scanned from magazines and books is as sharp as the original.

(b) Page Turning Detection makes continuous page scanning efficient
SV600 automatically detects when a page is turned, allowing books to be scanned at a rate of 3 seconds per open pair of pages.

(c) Easy Book Creation converts image data to digital books with ease
The new “Rack2-filer Smart” and “Easy Book Creation” features can automatically create a virtual book based on the front cover, back cover and spine of the original. It can also be placed in a virtual bookshelf for easy selection.

3. Other benefits

(a) Fast start up and scanning times
The SV600 is ready to scan in three seconds after switch on. Three seconds are needed to scan large A3 size documents.

(b) “Multiple Document Detection” feature enables scanning and cropping of multiple documents in a single scan
Ideal for multiple business cards, sets of photographs, business receipts, as the SV600 does the cropping automatically.

(c) Additional Bundled Software
“Nuance® Power PDF Standard” for editing PDF files, and “CardMinder” for managing business cards, are buddled as standard with the SV600.
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