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Graduate and Grow: helping your school to retain graduate teachers

Teacher attrition is a problem that affects many countries, and Australia is no exception. Australian researchers estimate between 30- 50 per cent of teachers leave within their first five years in the profession.

Loss of graduate teachers means schools are losing valuable staff and students are experiencing instability among their teachers – not to mention the disenchantment being felt by the graduate teachers themselves.

A key reason new teachers don’t stick around is a lack of on-the-job support.

Great leaders help graduates grow, and Principals Australia Institute (PAI) can help with this, supporting leaders to mentor graduate teachers.

PAI offers Graduate and Grow workshops for principals, taking a professional development approach to graduate teacher support. Sessions will be held in April, May and June across Australia.

Graduate and Grow’s support continues beyond the workshops, with participants receiving a kit to keep. These practical resources will assist school leaders in fostering the effective teaching practice of teachers at the beginning of their careers. The kit also provides graduate teachers with tools and strategies.

For more information about Graduate and Grow, visit the Event Calendar at to nd a workshop near you.

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