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Here comes the sun

Sure, The Beatles were the ones to bring the sun to our airwaves but when it comes to boosting student engagement across your school’s classroom music programs, we’re bringing Australia’s best-kept secret directly to your door.

Get ready to take your music classes to another level without you having to spend extra hours in prep. That’s the MusicEDU promise: more fun, less work.

For more than a decade MusicEDU has pioneered blended learning for classroom music programs. We’ve helped over 400 schools deliver engaging lessons to more than 120,000 students.

And we’ve created a music curriculum and technology pre-mapped to the ACARA and state curriculum standards.

MusicEDU gives your music staff more time to interact with your students by reducing the amount of admin they have to do each day, including classroom marking. That’s right, our technology can do it for you.

There’s nothing that gives us greater joy than seeing you pass on your passion to the next generation of music students. And our schools always see an increase in students choosing music as an elective (and it’s no wonder with topics including Game Composition, DJing and Augmented Reality to name a few). 

We want students to learn and thrive. To play Beethoven and the Beatles. To harness their own creativity. To discover the joy of working and playing with others, or to create and perform a piece on their own. 

We can help you achieve all that for them.

Keen to find out more? CLICK HERE. 

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