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Hitachi projectors to be branded Maxell

Maxell and Hitachi Japan have announced that the current Hitachi branded projectors will be rebranded as Maxell, with the first new additions to the Maxell product line-up to be new maintenance-free laser light sourced models.

In Australia and New Zealand, the projector business will remain under the control of Hitachi Australia. The transition will see no change in products beyond the logo, nor in representation, warranty conditions, sales channels, repair agents or customer service.

This has been a progressive change that started in November 2018. The rebranding will apply only to the projectors, but the change will not apply to Hitachi Australia’s range of commercial flat panel displays, which will continue to be manufactured under the Hitachi brand.

Deputy General Manager at Hitachi Australia, Matt Hanna said, “Maxell is a brand well known for its strong investment in the development of new technologies in a commercial space. The move will allow Maxell to focus on enhancing its already broad range of business-to-business hardware, which in turn allows Hitachi to focus on key areas of its social innovation business.

“For a number of years, the distinctive imaging and optical technologies of Maxell, seen in the Hitachi projector products, have been trusted and valued by the market. By strengthening the value chain from design, to production and distribution, we can continue to meet the evolving needs of the market. Putting the Maxell brand on projectors is a logical change, as it places us in a better position to further strengthen and expand the business in the future.”

The Maxell Group acquired the projector business from Hitachi in July 2013. Since then, the group has continued the development and production of Hitachi branded projectors and has been selling them worldwide.

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