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How a three-way partnership is reinventing the classroom

A collaboration between JB Hi-Fi Education, HP, and Intel is a testament to the transformative potential of partnership in educational innovation, writes HP Education Ambassador Brett Salakas.

Brett Salakas. Image: HP.

In today’s dynamic educational landscape, the imperative for innovative, impactful solutions is more pronounced than ever. Leading this transformative movement is the Reinvent the Classroom (RTC) initiative, a pioneering collaboration between JB Hi-Fi Education, HP, and Intel.

This initiative aims to reimagine how we support teachers and their digital skillset and enhance learning outcomes through a renewed focus on digital pedagogy and using simple data that empowers educators to master digital teaching methodologies.

JB Hi-Fi Education: championing enhanced educational outcomes

JB Hi-Fi Education, with over two decades of commitment to the education sector, stands at the forefront of this initiative, driven by the belief that “education deserves more”.

This ethos underscores JB Hi-Fi Education’s dedication to providing educational institutions with the technology and support needed to navigate and leverage technological advancements, enriching both teaching and learning experiences.

The Reinvent the Classroom Framework

Central to the RTC initiative is its outcomes-based digital transformation framework, designed to utilise AI in aiding school leadership teams in making strategic, data-informed decisions.

The initiative focuses on elevating digital pedagogical practices and creating contemporary learning spaces that adhere to a pedagogy-first principle.

Key components of the RTC framework include:

  • The Readiness Assessment: This online survey is pivotal in capturing insights from the school community, assessing digital teaching and learning across four domains to provide quantified metrics on 16 data points. It plays a crucial role in identifying areas for improvement and quantifying the impact of educational initiatives.
  • Room Design: RTC introduces modern classroom layouts that prioritise pedagogical considerations, incorporating developmental zones designed to facilitate direct interactions and support.
  • Customised Professional Development: Tailored to a school’s needs, RTC’s professional development programs are designed to accelerate educational transformation, ranging from certification training to pedagogical training and coaching.

A collaborative endeavour

The collaboration between JB Hi-Fi Education, HP, and Intel is a testament to the transformative potential of partnership in educational innovation. This alliance ensures that schools engaging with the RTC initiative have access to unparalleled resources and support, with a commitment to not only meeting current educational needs but also anticipating and shaping the future of education.

Through RTC, JB Hi-Fi Education, HP, and Intel are demonstrating a shared commitment to enhancing the educational experience, providing strategic decision-making tools, modernising learning environments, and offering targeted professional development. This initiative empowers schools across Australia and beyond to achieve measurable improvements in teaching and learning outcomes.

Reinvent the Classroom exemplifies innovation in education, showcasing the significant achievements possible through the collective efforts of technology leaders and educational institutions.

With JB Hi-Fi Education’s deep commitment to education, supported by the technological expertise of HP and Intel, this initiative is poised to make a lasting impact on the educational landscape.

Educators and students are provided with the necessary resources and support to excel in an increasingly digital world. For a deeper understanding of the Reinvent the Classroom initiative and its transformative impact, a dedicated podcast series offers insights and experiences from those leading this educational revolution.

Discover more by exploring the HP Reinvent the Classroom podcast series and join the movement shaping the future of education.

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