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How iPads are empowering personalised learning

The integration of technology in primary school has become increasingly important in the digital age. The iPad from Apple is a learning device providing innovative technology that integrates seamlessly into classrooms, enabling creativity and collaboration while enhancing student experience with educational material.

Apple’s ecosystem is designed to smoothly integrate across devices, enabling educators to concentrate on what matters most: teaching.

As an Apple Authorised Education Specialist, JB Hi-Fi Education is more than a provider; it’s a partner committed to supporting educational learning outcomes for all students, using its expertise to bring Apple technology to schools.

Mr Tony Richards, JB Hi-Fi Education Apple Business Lead, says the Apple iPad, with its powerful capabilities, goes beyond the confines of the classroom.

“Its versatility empowers both students and teachers to learn and work in ways that suit their individual needs,” he says.

“It is built to last and made to handle the rigours of students’ daily life. It is incredibly thin, so it’s light enough to carry around the classroom, bring home, or take anywhere. Its portability enables mobility in and outside the classroom.”

In addition, he says, its deep reserve of battery life allows the device to last through a day of school. “It is the perfect mobile learning companion,” he says.

However, the iPad’s true power lies in its versatility for all learning experiences. It reimagines technology’s role, empowering students and teachers to learn and teach how, when, and where they want. With creative tools and education apps, it transforms into anything needed – a camera, recording studio, notebook, and more.

The iPad is also compatible with the daily apps and services educators and students require, including productivity and classroom tools like Pages, Numbers, Keynote as well as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace for Education and learning management systems such as Canvas and Seesaw. This vast array of compatible apps allows students and teachers to concentrate on meeting learning objectives.

The 10th generation iPad’s fast-charging battery promotes all-day use in class. Image: JB Hi-Fi Education

With its powerful A13 Bionic chip, available from the 9th generation, and its expanded battery capacity, the iPad handles complex tasks like editing 4K videos, and more, for longer use before charging.

“This exceptional performance allows students and teachers to focus on their work rather than worrying about having enough battery on their device,” Mr Richards says.

Educators have embraced the iPad as an invaluable tool for personalising instruction through its vast array of educational apps.

“The iPad simplifies the learning experience for students and teachers alike,” Mr Richards says.

“It’s a game-changer for staying organised, with its intuitive touchscreen interface allowing you to manage multiple windows and projects, so students can focus on learning.”

The iPad family continues evolving, offering more powerful and versatile devices for enhanced learning as with the launch of the new iPad Air. Available in a 13-inch model, iPad Air is supercharged by the incredibly fast Apple M2 chip.

It features a Liquid Retina display, a new landscape camera for FaceTime and video calls, superfast Wi-Fi 6 and 5G, and compatibility with essential apps from Microsoft, Adobe, Google and more.

Upgrading to the 10th generation of iPads

Staying ahead requires embracing the latest technologies that empower both students and educators. Upgrading a school’s iPad fleet to the 10th generation model is a strategic move towards elevating learning to new heights. As the 5th and 6th generation iPads will no longer receive iOS updates, acquiring the latest capabilities for seamless and secure learning experiences will help to ensure students and teachers keep pace with the demands of the modern classroom.

The 10th generation iPad delivers powerful performance for students. Its fast-charging battery promotes all-day use in class. It is also up to four times faster than the 5th generation, allowing it to run demanding apps, multitask smoothly, and offer double the storage. Whether it is used for editing video or running the camera for calls, the 10th generation can easily handle students’ multitasking needs.

“The 10th generation iPad boasts a tenfold improvement in front-facing camera quality and an upgraded rear camera capable of 4K video recording with camera stabilisation – a significant upgrade from the 5th generation iPad,” Mr Richards says.

“Not only is there a significant upgrade in the quality of videos, but the HEVC compression format available on the 10th generation can allow students to store more media.”

The 10th generation is versatile and offers more ways to personalise learning with the addition of the Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil provides more ways to engage students, from marking up documents and filling in digital forms using ‘Scribble’ to drawing and animating. Moreover, a vast array of native built-in apps like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie, GarageBand, and FreeForm offers a suite of educational tools ready to use right out of the box.

Built with privacy and security in mind, the 10th generation iPad ensures that students’ data remains protected.

“The 5th and 6th generation iPads no longer receive iOS updates, so their security is not up to date with the latest upgrades. The 10th generation iPad, however, offers a more secure and private experience, with ongoing updates to maintain robust protection,” Mr Richards says.

The 10th generation iPad is made for learning on the go. It’s True Tone display, which adjusts colour and intensity to match the ambient light, makes images appear more natural, ensuring comfortable reading in the classroom, at home, or outdoors. The 10th generation iPad is also equipped with Wi-Fi 6, enabling seamless learning anywhere.

The transition to the 10th generation of iPads offers students increased storage capacity, better performance, more options, and a variety of apps to enhance their learning outcomes.

Safeguarding investment with Tech Care+ from JB Hi-Fi Education

Equipping students with iPads is a significant investment that requires protection against daily wear and tear. Each institution needs their students and educators to be productive and efficient at all times – device-related downtime can significantly affect both productivity and learning.

JB Hi-Fi Education’s Tech Care+ comprehensive refresh or protection plan safeguards this investment, providing peace of mind that devices are covered from day one.

Under a Tech Care+ plan, iPads experiencing damage or malfunctions ranging from scratches to faults (excluding lost or stolen devices) can be promptly replaced or refreshed for a service fee, which minimises disruptions to learning.

“Tech Care+ is a commitment to protecting your school’s investment in cutting-edge technology,” Mr Richards says.

“With our any-reason coverage, you can focus on fostering an engaging learning environment without worrying about the unexpected.”

Seamless upgrades with the Technology Buyback Program

Keeping a schools iPad fleet up-to-date with the latest features and capabilities is essential. JB Hi-Fi Education’s Technology Buyback Program simplifies upgrading to new iPad models, relieving schools of the hassle while reducing total ownership costs.

The Technology Buyback Program permits JB Hi-Fi Education customers to trade their existing iPads for the latest 10th generation models, which reduces interruptions to a transition to a new technology.

Working in tandem with its Technology Buyback partner, Moorup, traded-in products are repaired, refurbished, reused and recycled – supporting a circular economy which extends the life of electronic devices, minimises environmental impacts and reduces unnecessary additions to e-waste.

The Technology Buyback Program reduces overall costs, by recovering value for dates products, supports sustainability goals, and provides students with advanced learning tools.

“Upgrading your school’s technology shouldn’t be daunting,” Mr Richards says.

“With our Technology Buyback Program, we’ve streamlined the process, making it easy for schools to stay ahead of the curve while minimising their environmental impact and optimising their budgets.”

Embracing iPads in primary schools is more than a technological shift – it’s an investment in better learning outcomes. JB Hi-Fi Education’s expertise, commitment to service, and innovative solutions make them the ideal partner for your school’s digital transformation.

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