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How is your school celebrating Indigenous Literacy Day?

Indigenous Literacy Day

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation, along with Jessica Mauboy, Gregg Dreise, Shelley Ware and Archie Roach, is excited to celebrate and share the unique stories and languages of First Nations peoples and communities in a virtual program launched for Indigenous Literacy Day (ILD) on Wednesday, September 1.

Celebrating the rich cultural diversity of communities that are in the heart of Australia, the Torres Strait Islands, the Kimberley and the Tiwi Islands, the 2021 ILD program captures the voice and hearts of children and Elders telling their stories: on Country, in beautiful books created in language, in song, in story, and, most importantly, in language.

This free, virtual event will go live online from 9am on Wednesday, 1 September. Register to secure your virtual seat at

“We are storytellers of more than 65,000 years, and we love to share our knowledge with all Australians,” Shelley Ware, educator, presenter and ILF ambassador said.

A special event for primary and early learners!

In collaboration with Sydney Opera House, this year’s event will also feature a special free, 25-minute fun and engaging event for younger viewers aged 4–11.

Hosted by Indigenous author and performer Gregg Dreise, and including two beautiful animations of our books, it is not to be missed! If you are a teacher, librarian or parent, be sure to register for this event at Register now and receive free learning resources to help you plan your celebration.

Learn more about Indigenous Literacy Day from ILF ambassador Jessica Mauboy!

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation has also put together a suite of digital and print resources for you to download and use to promote and celebrate the day within your school, and community. Check them out here.

This is a celebration for all Australians. See you there!

Indigenous Literacy Day is proudly presented by the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, a charity with a vision of equity of opportunity for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children living in remote Australia.

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