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How to build a successful Esports program

Lenovo’s range of products and services span the design and operation of Esports, helping students build community and practical skills – and potential careers.

Esports is becoming more and more popular amongst children – and schools are catching on.

It’s also been proven that gaming can support learning outcomes and strengthen pupil-teacher relationships. The more passionate a pupil is about gaming, the more rapid their educational development is. That’s why educators around the world are starting to use Esports to give young people brighter futures.

Three educational benefits of Esports

1. Supports STEM learning 

Esports helps pupils develop problem-solving skills in unique and unforeseen situations. In turn, this increases their understanding of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

2. Develop soft skills 

Gaming can help pupils to unconsciously develop their team building, problem solving, collaboration, and communication skills. It also helps to nurture creative and strategic thinking, and gives pupils the self-confidence to participate in more activities.

3. Expands career options

Top gamers can earn millions a year in prize money and endorsements – money they use to hire nutritionists, physiotherapists, chefs, sleep coaches and publicists. The industry has created plenty of other jobs as well. Shoutcasters (commentators), IT teams, scouts, statisticians, graphic designers, video editors, event planners, journalists, accountants and promoters all work to make Esports possible and accessible.

Gaming can help develop team building, problem solving and communication skills. Image: Lenovo

Build diversity and inclusion through Esports 

Esports presents a great opportunity for pupils to work as a team, befriend other players, and exchange creative ideas. Students learn to make autonomous decisions and share their progress with teachers – encouraging them to feel recognised and valued.

Unlike traditional activities, Esports is less constrained by physical ability or location, allowing more students to engage and benefit from the experience. Additionally, Esports can be leveraged to reinforce academic and behavioural standards through incentivisation with game time.

Lenovo’s offering spans the design and operation of an education-based Esports environment, including a whole range of services and accessories – all backed by the Lenovo education warranty. 

It can enable students to join a school’s gaming network remotely and provide capabilities that maximise the experience for all participants – from players to publicists.

And when it comes to hardware, Lenovo’s ThinkStation range has the digital display, the flexibility and the power to handle all the demands of competitive Esports. For portability, the ThinkPad laptop, complete with Intel processors and thermal cooling capability, balances performance and value. 

Lenovo can help schools get the most out of their Esports program. Image: Lenovo

With all the potential that Esports offers, schools need an approach that helps them get the most out of their program. Lenovo can help as a knowledgeable and trusted advisor. Here are a few pointers to help schools get started:

Where to start:

  • List your school’s Esports program goals
  • Research which games you want at your school
  • Decide to start as a recreation or club program
  • Pick a location where you can set up your Esports area, and design it accordingly
  • Choose a PC that fits the games you want to play.

What to avoid:

  • Throwing a program together and assume it will succeed
  • Picking a game to focus on because you’ve heard your child talk about it
  • Jumping right into competitions without preparing your participants
  • Thinking that gaming is just for the stereotypical gamer
  • Assuming you have to buy the most upgraded, tricked-out PCs for Esport.

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