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Inclusive education funds boost for schools

Government schools across Victoria will share in the Victorian Government’s $12 million Equipment Boost for Schools, which aims to strengthen inclusive education for every student.

Schools will receive an additional $5000 to invest in specialised equipment and assistive technology that supports students with disabilities and additional learning needs.

“The new equipment will have a positive impact on students with disabilities and additional learning needs by providing them with the tools and technologies they need to fully participate in learning and school life,” said Minister for Education James Merlino.

Schools identifying a higher level of need also have the opportunity to apply for additional targeted funds to access high-value or highly specialised equipment and technology that assists students’ participation, learning and success at school.

Funding will also expand the range of technology available for students who are blind or partially sighted through the existing blind and low vision technology library, run through the Statewide Vision Resource Centre.

“It’s vital that our schools inspire a lifelong passion for learning and it’s essential disability isn’t a barrier to that,” added Minister Merlino.

The Equipment Boost for Schools is part of the $61 million suite of inclusive education initiatives announced by the Victorian Government last year, giving schools extra resources, guidance, access to specialist expertise and support to embed inclusive education in all aspects of school life.

“Inclusive education means that every child, no matter their background or circumstance, are valued and supported to fully participate, learn, develop and succeed,” said Minister Merlino.

As part of the overall inclusive education agenda, the Government has also funded 360 scholarships for Victorian teachers to undertake a Master of Education specialising in inclusive and special education or applied behaviour analysis, as well as an Inclusion Boost for schools to strengthen their inclusive education policies and practices.

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