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Is your child’s teacher an unsung hero?

Australasia’s longest running teaching awards is encouraging parents, and all school community members to nominate extraordinary educators who have displayed outstanding dedication, passion and creativity in the past year.

For 27 years the Futurity Investment Group supported, National Excellence in Teaching Awards (NEiTA) has recognised Australia and New Zealand’s most inspirational educators.

This year, NEiTA is recognising the critical role early childhood, primary and secondary teachers and principals have played in children’s lives throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Futurity CEO, Ross Higgins said the annual NEiTA Awards are an important opportunity to shine a light on the nation’s exceptional teachers – and in so doing help elevate the teaching profession as a whole.

“There are thousands of talented, committed and caring teachers in classrooms all over Australia who are unsung heroes. They deserve to be recognised,” Mr Higgins said.

“Education changes lives but the best teachers truly transform futures. With the challenges triggered by COVID-19, the best teachers adapted their practice for remote learning, finding new ways to engage and enthuse students.

Recent research commissioned by Futurity Investment Group found 64 per cent of parents believe teachers are not sufficiently recognised1. The lack of recognition is one reason many young teachers leave the profession.

NEiTA is the perfect way for students, parents, teachers and principals to celebrate an extraordinary educator by nominating them for an award.

NEiTA Foundation Chairman, Allen Blewitt said the opportunity for the community to nominate outstanding teachers sets NEiTA apart.

“It is wonderful parents and school community members have the opportunity to nominate and recognise inspirational educators who are making an outstanding contribution to the lives of their children,” Mr Blewitt said.

And fellow educators also have the chance to elevate an unsung hero. Teaching is a collegiate profession, with sharing of practice a key part of professional development. In 2021, NEiTA introduces Teacher Mentor Awards for educators who have made a difference in the professional life of a peer.

“NEiTA is a tangible way for all members of Australian and New Zealand communities to publicly recognise and applaud inspirational educators, teachers and school principals and give them the opportunity to win a $5,000 or $10,000 professional development grant.”

Nominations can be made until August at

About NEiTA

NEiTA Foundation is responsible for The National Excellence in Teaching Awards. It was created by ASG on behalf of its members, the parents and guardians of school age children, and the wider community, to support improved teacher quality and retention, assist teacher professional development and to promote professional recognition.

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Since being founded more than 45 years ago, Futurity has supported the education journey of over 557,000 Australian and New Zealand children and returned over $3.3 billion in education benefits.

Futurity is a member owned and mutually structured financial institution. We currently manage and invest over $1 billion in education savings and investments for over 75,000 members.

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