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JB Hi-FI Education is simplifying technology for schools

JB Hi-Fi Education

JB HI-FI Education has been serving the education sector for over 20 years and is one of the largest providers of technology to the primary, secondary and tertiary markets in Australia – including BYOD and 1:1 programs.

In an exciting development for the commercial division of JB Hi-Fi Group Ltd, JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions recently re-branded to JB Hi-Fi Education. “JB Hi-Fi Education is our recognition of the unique needs of the education sector. It reflects our expertise in supporting education institutions as a specialty area,” says Sandy Hyland, Head of JB Hi-Fi Education. “This includes our refreshed online BYOD program that makes it easier for schools and parents when it comes to managing and purchasing school technology. It’s an important consideration when promoting consistency of learning, whether at home or in the classroom,” adds Hyland.


Technology is complex. When choosing devices for the rigours and demands of student life, there is a wide range of concerns from education needs to technical specifications to support arrangements that need to be weighed up. JB Hi-Fi Education’s BYOD program aims to simplify this for schools and parents alike. Its education experts work with schools to identify the right education-specific products for students’ learning outcomes, as well as the school’s ICT infrastructure and processes. Schools are able to offer these devices and accessories to parents at special commercial prices, with extended warranty and insurance options.

“With the JB Hi-Fi Education online BYOD program, parents can confidently make their purchase knowing that they’re choosing from a range of devices and accessories pre-selected and approved by their school. It’s a very different experience to retail,” says Hyland.


Clear school communications play a key role in successful BYOD or 1:1 programs. Communications should emphasise the benefits for students including improved learning outcomes, honing 21st century skills, and increased collaboration and engagement with teachers and peers. For parents, important information includes required or recommended device specifications, accessories to support and complement their child’s learning, school IT support processes and purchasing options.

A thoughtful communication and engagement plan could include letters or flyers, web pages, email communications, parent information sessions and social media.

“A strength of JB Hi-Fi Education’s BYOD program is the support we can provide schools with their family communications. Our Account Managers are very happy to assist by attending parent information sessions, online or in person. We’ve also produced some fantastic new resources for schools to leverage in their own communications – such as parent overviews, tool kits, videos and presentations,” continues Hyland.


Traditionally, schools had to manage complex logistics in order to have the right devices in students’ hands for the start of the school year. Ordering, delivery, installation, distribution and post-deployment support all required planning and staffing – often a tall order for stretched IT support resources.

Modern device management tooling and processes eliminate the need for schools to even touch a device before a student powers it up for the first time. Leveraging the reach of JB Hi-Fi’s extensive retail network, parents can order a device online, pick it up from their local store, and it will automatically self-configure when connected to the internet. This process ensures it matches the school’s security and software requirements and supports on-the-fly changes if an issue arises or an upgrade is urgently required.

“New software capabilities such as Microsoft’s Autopilot, and Apple’s Device Enrolment Program have enabled JB Hi-Fi to create a truly unique offering through their distribution network. Schools partnering with JB Hi-Fi Education enjoy the benefits of our deep expertise in modern device management, and the convenience of participating JB Hi-Fi stores across the nation,” says Hyland.

There’s an invigorating energy and vision at the new JB Hi-Fi Education for the future of education technology. JB Hi-Fi Education’s commitment to developing a breadth of offerings and expertise to support schools aims to provide a powerful platform for the next generation of Australian educators and students.

“We’re more ready than ever to support our education customers with investment in nationwide reach and fulfilment backed by hundreds of retail stores, an experienced team of education specialists, and strong partnerships with leading global brands,” adds Hyland.

For further information visit, www.jbhifi.education

This article was first published in Education Matters Primary Magazine, September 2022. To read the issue download it here. 

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