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Kompan expands fitness range

Play and fitness equipment supplier, Kompan Australia, has launched an innovative new outdoor fitness bike, expanding its range of outdoor exercise equipment on offer for schools.

The new bike is aimed at all levels of fitness – from those new to cardio training to seasoned fitness and cycling enthusiasts.

Designed for use in outdoor public spaces, such as school grounds, it includes digital interactivity and Bluetooth connectivity.

According to Kompan, good urban and open space planning should result in options for exercising and staying active being abundant in the public realm, and this applies to schools too.

Cycling is great for losing weight and building muscle while minimising impact on joints.

The Kompan fitness bike combines the advanced technology and features associated with indoor exercise bikes with a durable outdoor design. Students can easily adjust the saddle height and cycling resistance to match their body, posture and fitness level.

The new Kompan bike is designed and manufactured to be placed in any outdoor environment, giving students the opportunity to do a quick workout during breaks.

It is available in two different frame designs. The City Bike allows for a comfortable, upright riding style and low access point, while the Sport Bike offers a more streamlined, racing-style posture.

The optional screen, made from vandalism-proof protection glass, gives real-time data on cycling speed, distance travelled, cadence, watts and calories burned.

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