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Leading educators learn how to give students a voice via the Bloum-ARACY partnership 

Leading educators learn how to give Bloum-ARACY partnership 

Leading educators seeking to deliver more student-centric learning outcomes joined a webinar on Thursday 13 October to learn more about the latest frameworks in student wellbeing conversations.

‘Normalising wellbeing conversations with students,’ a webinar co-hosted by Bloum and the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY), presented exciting new processes and technology that support the holistic growth of each student.

Guest presenter Dr Rebecca Goodhue from ARACY explained how The Common Approach® empowers staff members to handle wellbeing conversations regardless of their level of formal expertise. A poll of attendees reported that 44% of staff members at schools express some level of uncertainty around handling wellbeing conversations with students.

Attendees were then treated to a demonstration of the new student growth platform Bloum, which puts students firmly at the centre of the conversation. Using Bloum’s check-in app, students are given the agency to decide if they want to talk to staff, which specific staff members they want to talk to, and how the platform captures a snapshot of student wellbeing.

Attendees discovered how the Bloum platform — designed with ARACY’s The Common Approach® framework in mind — allows staff members to visualise the entire student learning arc and nurture holistic student growth.

Empowering staff to hold wellbeing conversations with students

After months on end of remote learning and limited social interaction, schools are still slowly rebuilding the emotional growth of students. 70% of Australian high school students reported ‘high psychological distress,’ so the ability to facilitate conversations around emotional wellbeing is increasingly important for all staff members.

The Common Approach® is an evidence-based and broader approach to student wellbeing conversations for all staff, including those without professional qualifications in psychology, counselling or similar fields.

The Bloum platform has embedded The Common Approach® into its technology, giving users the opportunity to access dashboards that show trends on student growth. Both educators and students can use its insights to discuss historical patterns, results, influencers, and opportunities for growth.

How Bloum and ARACY are building a new frontier

Students can often be unsure of the best way to approach adults about their emotional challenges. Giving students the agency to choose what to talk about, who they talk to, and when they do it is the key to building trust.

Additionally, as states around the country recognise the importance of wellbeing data, schools need to find a way to integrate wellbeing, academic and attendance data. New technology platforms such as Bloum are at the forefront of this trend, enabling schools to see the full learning arc of every student.

The partnership between Bloum and ARACY helps schools make better decisions around student growth. Schools that use the platform see a 15% increase in students engaging in wellbeing conversations within the first month.

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