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Let’s get our kids active and fit together!

Sporting Schools tackles the challenge of getting school children to develop a lifelong love of sport.

Getting children to develop a lifelong love of sport has to start sooner rather than later. To tackle this challenge, the Australian Government is investing $100 million into the Sporting Schools programme to give our children greater opportunities to gain a healthier mind and body through access to sport-based activities before, during and after school.

Already over 2,000 primary schools have received funding this term to kick start their Sporting Schools programme.

With an aim to connect sports, schools and communities to encourage lifelong participation in sport, the programme sets out to ensure our children gain the benefits of participation in sport and physical activity, by:

  • Connecting schools and local clubs that are affiliated with national sporting organisations;
  • Developing fundamental movement skills;
  • Improving their health and fitness;
  • Creating longer-term health benefits; and,
  • Promoting the benefits of inclusive and engaged communities through social interaction.

Australian primary schools can complement their existing school priorities in the area of health and physical activity, as well as cross-curriculum priorities through Sporting Schools. Schools get access to a network of professionals and resources that will assist in the design and delivery of sporting programmes aligned to cross-curriculum learning outcomes and ultimately contributing to the overall health and wellbeing of their students.

By partnering with sports, schools can offer high quality and inclusive sport activities for primary aged children, it’s a partnership which also enhances their school community’s connections with clubs and coaches.

In addition, schools have access to over 30 sports that are fully qualified in the planning and delivery of quality sporting experiences that focus on children’s skill acquisition and enjoyment for children.

Sporting Schools is your conduit to community sport to help foster children’s healthy and active living habits. Schools can register now on the Sporting Schools website and apply for funds to deliver quality sporting experiences as well as enhance school community and learning outcomes across all age groups.

To find out more about the Sporting Schools programme and funding opportunities, please go to our website: www.sportingschools.gov.au.


Primary Schools and Combined Colleges

Score a goal today and register to be part of Sporting Schools. It takes 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a member account at https://www.sportingschools.gov.au/Forms/Member-Registration
  2. Once you activate your member account, register your school. Provide the details of your principal and nominate a key contact from your school to coordinate and manage the programme. Start receiving regular communication and updates on the Sporting Schools programme.
  3. Login to the Sporting Schools website and go to the Grants application tab.

Secondary schools keen to be a part of Sporting Schools can register their interest on the ‘Stay Connected’ section of the Sporting Schools website to ensure they receive the most up-to-date information on how and when they can access the programme.

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